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Shattered Vow book pdf download for free or read online, also Shattered Vow pdf was written by Eva Chase.

BookShattered Vow
AuthorEva Chase
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Shattered Vow Book PDF download for free

Shattered Vow Book PDF download for free

We promised to escape together. I broke that promise. Now the men I loved could break me.

we were six Imprisoned, turned into monsters, and tortured with brutal tests of our hideous emerging abilities.

The only thing we could count on was each other… until our escape ended in one dead, the others were recaptured, and I was dragged into another nightmare.

Now I’ve finally broken through to save her. Except that the men I freed are hardened, bestial versions of the devoted boys I remember.

They really see me as a traitor and also a murderer, but they refuse to let me go now that they have me back.

They have no idea the greatest threat might be the new darkness awakening within me.

I don’t know how to control it and if these men break me it could destroy us all.

Shattered Vow is the first in a new urban fantasy series for those who love fiercely possessive men and fierce heroines fighting for what is theirs.

Shattered Vow Pdf Download

I loved the Shattered Vow book in the latest Eva series. It is another spin-off from their Shadowkind series, in which the characters are hybrids of Shadowkind and humans. I don’t want to ruin it for you so I’ll just give you the basic bones or try anyway. Riva and five boys are prisoners and have hatched an escape plan. The night they try to pull it off, something goes wrong and one of the boys is killed right before their eyes and she is sold.

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A few years later, Riva is forced into cage fights, which she always wins, but on that particular night, she was drugged by her “owner”, which upsets her greatly. A new power is unleashed within her, I won’t say what, and she runs away. He immediately seeks out his four friends and devises a plan to help them break out of their current prison.

But things don’t go as she planned as they believe she sold them and lived the good life while still experimenting, nothing she says convinces them otherwise and she is their prisoner now . Will she ever get back the boys she was in love with, or did that night years ago change everything forever? The five are looking for answers as to why they are the way they are. What you find may not be what you expected.

Eva Chase did it again! I predict the Shadowblood Souls series will be another of their hits. I really devoured this book in the series, Shattered Vow, in less than a single day. It had a lot of my favorite romantic motifs, and Eva Chance brings them out really well.

What I liked the most was the friends to foes to lovers component. They are a group of best friends who have been separated for years by a fatal event and lies. When they get back together, the bonds of friendship cannot survive the pain and the boys angrily turn to the FMC, believing the lies they have been told about the truth it brings. Still loving her, he tolerates her behavior, but for how much longer?

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There’s some intimidation, but it’s on the lighter side. Not too intense, but underlaid with serious anger at the FMC. It has quite a bit of angst, which is best conveyed through the multiple first-person viewpoints. I think that makes the story richer.

Shattered Vow book could definitely be classified as a slow romance. There is sexual tension, but the friend versus foe component outweighs any attraction the characters might have. Future books have the potential to have greater power.

Shattered Vow ends on a cliffhanger with the potential for an explosive start to the next book. I can not wait!

Throughout the book, we follow the characters as they try to find the person who might be responsible for building the facility and why they have those powers. Meanwhile, we see Riva doing everything in her power to get the guys to trust her again. So there’s an exploration along with the plot of the romance, which are two things that make sense together. Mystery, Romance and Fantasy are the three pillars of my reading life.

The pacing of the plot and the guys’ group dynamics were fantastic, and the whole drama of the relationship held my heart in a vise and shattered me completely. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve wanted to scream into my pillow because the guys were so stupid towards Riva, especially Jacob (even though I love him so much).

The struggle came from the fact that I know things because, as a reader, I’ve seen all their perspectives, but they don’t. My heart ached like a charger, but everything was very well done. Jacob and Andreas were the ones I loved the most and therefore the ones with the greatest power to destroy me completely. And don’t get me started on Griffin…

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There were several points in the story where my heart ached, especially towards the end. I won’t go into detail to avoid spoilers, but I’m very excited to see how the dynamic unfolds in the second book. There’s some serious humiliation to be done.

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