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Silence book pdf download for free or read online, also Silence pdf was written by Natasha Preston.

AuthorNatasha Preston
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Silence Book PDF download for free

Silence Book PDF download for free

Oakley Farrell has been silent for eleven years. He stopped talking at the age of five and no one seems to know why. By refusing to communicate beyond a few physical actions, Oakley remains in his own little world. Bullied at school, she only has one boyfriend, Cole Benson.

Cole supports her and refuses to believe that she is not perfect just the way she is. Over the years, they have developed their own version of a normal friendship. However, will it still work once they start to grow even closer together? When Oakley is forced to confront someone from her past, will she be able to keep her secret from her much longer?

Silence Book Pdf Download

This book received a lot of mixed reviews, but the subject matter is so different from a lot of contemporary youth fiction in the non-paranormal genre that it intrigued me. Sometimes these intense themes can be glossed over or cleaned up for the YA book, so I was curious to see how that would play out in this book.

The underlying “mystery” of this book is a dark theme, and one that was probably just as difficult to write as it was to read without becoming emotionally immersed in the main character. Oakley is clearly a child haunted by something in her past, but we don’t know what that was for much of the book. The clues were subtle and that made the reveal all the more shocking and disturbing. An interesting twist to this story was the fact that Oakley does not speak.

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Absolutely. By the way, she practically has no communication with anyone. Her isolation was so complete that even though she had a cell phone to send text messages, she never used it. Cole texted her every night and she always texted him back…but she never sent them. I didn’t understand why it was like that until the end, which I won’t share for fear of spoilers.

This isolation made me wonder how the story could have progressed well with a character who had no verbal communication. How can she maintain friendships and relationships while she is trapped within herself? The answer was simple. She couldn’t, not really, apart from her brother and her best friend Cole. Her isolation was tragic.

There is romance in this book, and it’s touching and sweet, but I think the rest was more the focus of the book. And I liked that. I liked that there was so much more to the story than teenage romance and heartbreak.

This is a story that I feel is character-driven. There were characters that I loved and others that I passionately hated. Just like in real life, there were points where I hated/loved a certain character and later in the story my feelings changed. Oakley’s parents are really a perfect example of this. As a mother, I felt that her hands-free approach was a little unbelievable. But as the story progresses and you learn more, there are questions that will be answered and make you understand.

Silence is a bittersweet story that follows a girl struggling to hide a life-changing secret to keep her family together while giving up something everyone wants to hear again: her voice.

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I approached this story with a completely open mind. From the title you could tell that something terrible happened to Oakley and that’s why she stopped talking. Little did she know that someone in her life “ordered” her not to speak, someone she trusted. But when that came out while she was reading, I wanted to tear the guy apart for her. He was so sad for her and he really wanted her to tell someone, especially Cole.

To be honest, I think Oakley was really strong. I mean she went through the bullying and her mom was constantly trying to fix it instead of just coming out and saying what happened. It takes a lot of strength for someone to last as long as she does. But I think that was partly due to the love and support of the lovely Cole.

Cole was so sweet and protective. When she heard Oakley’s voice for the first time, I believed her feelings at that time. And even more so when she confessed to him what had happened to her. The way she reacted was absolutely real. The words, the description, everything seemed real.

I guess you can already say that I liked the story. Not your typical young adult read, sweet and fluffy, conveys a heavy theme. And I think more people should read this book because these things happen in society more often than we’d like to hear. It is a very realistic fiction. I think the author wrote it well. The only reason it didn’t get five stars is the ending.

I felt that the whole story was well written and had a nice steady pace, but when it came to the end it was very abrupt. That’s my only problem with Silence. Otherwise, it’s a good story depicting sweet young love despite the pain. And that shows that no matter what you’re going through, love will always prevail.

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