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Sinners Anonymous book pdf download for free or read online, also Sinners Anonymous pdf was written by Somme Sketcher.

Somme Sketcher writes dark and dangerous romance novels that are meant to be devoured.

Dive into the murky waters of the morally dark underworld, where sinners look like saints and villains are your heroes.

BookSinners Anonymous
AuthorSomme Sketcher
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Sinners Anonymous Book PDF download for free

Sinners Anonymous Book PDF download for free

Sinners Anonymous is a delightfully dark mob romance made by enemies for lovers. It can be read on its own, but trust me, you’ll want to devour it with the rest of the trilogy!

Sinners Anonymous Book Pdf Download

This book was phenomenal. I mean, you expect dirt serving a taboo love triangle between a guy, his nephew, and his too-young fiancée. Instead, you get a SLOW-burning mob romance where they haven’t even kissed on page 290, but you frantically turn each page not to see any tissue but to learn more of the STORY. This book was PHENOMENAL.

Each character was terrifying in his own way, yet realistic and relatable. The tension was high and heavy at all times, you never knew what was going to happen but you couldn’t wait to see it. You KNOW what needs to happen to get out of your situation, but you can’t imagine it actually happening. The MMC was the definition of morally grey, hate everyone but her, touch her, look at her and die! And along the way, author managed to pull out all standard expectations one has of a mob romance without making it the boring, without wanting to say that “keep it up.”

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Alberto was obnoxious in every way, but he never became the caricature of a mob boss. Amelia and Donatello meet and think that they are the happiness that can be achieved by somehow finding love, only to realize that they are both deliberately ignoring everything horrible around them just to remember their little one with his bladder clutched. By the end of the book she hated her as much as she hated Alberto and Dante. I loved that the Rory was very innocent but full of darkness. The way he was portrayed, despite the curses of the birds, was never annoying or naive, but just so endearing, even endearing.

There wasn’t a single story or character in this book that didn’t completely draw me in. The fact that it’s an ongoing series (although unfortunately Angelo and Rory’s story seems to be complete) is just icing on a perfectly constructed cake. I admit that I wish it was Gabe and not Rafe who told the story next, but I can’t wait to read what else this author presents in this series.

That was it. The story, the characters, the world building, the dark spice and everything else was an absolute masterpiece.

Rory is exactly the kind of MC I want in a situation like this. He is floating helplessly in a horrible situation, but he has a backbone that he constantly has to hide for fear of getting killed. I don’t blame her for being naive at first. Her life before that didn’t even have anything to do with the mob. So learning the ins and outs of the horrible family was part of the story of her character.

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My favorite man this year is officially Angelo. He is exactly what I need in a book lover. Everything about him was the best kind of contradiction. He lived by the quote, “The good always cancels out the bad.” So all the darkness of him was surrounded by the perfect amount of goodness. Don’t get me wrong, he was an extremely vicious demon, but in my opinion, they all deserved it. Also, he touched her and you did (even though he obviously killed quite a bit).

The romance was slow, but it was absolutely delicious. They were mostly sexual scenes that were very hot but had no physical contact or penetration. I’m not going to lie, the church scene was by far my favorite in a long time. But I’m not sure what that says about me ?

I would definitely recommend reading the activation warning. This was not for the reckless. I do love dark romances though. Usually the mobsters aren’t my favorites with the whole “You don’t have a choice” theme, but at least Angelo made it sound like he had a choice. He let them be themselves and free, without the demands of submissive obedience. He obviously loved his backbone.

I honestly can’t get over how great this was and I’m pretty sure he could write for days and probably years about how absolutely amazing it was. So I definitely recommend reading this book!

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