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Smoke And Steel book pdf download for free or read online, also Smoke And Steel pdf was written by Kristen Ashley.

BookSmoke And Steel
AuthorKristen Ashley
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Smoke And Steel Book PDF download for free

Smoke And Steel Book PDF download for free

She wasn’t a girl in white dresses…

Hellen Moynihan didn’t have dreams. She had goals. She knew who she was and what she wanted. She also knew what she didn’t know. When her longtime boyfriend couldn’t make it, she moved on. And when her best friend’s boyfriend showed signs of cheating, Hellen went to work on the case.

And she wasn’t some white hat guy…

Smoke And Steel Pdf Download

Dustin “Hardcore” Cutler had no dreams or goals. A troubled past led Core to do something irrevocable. The only thing he and the men of the Resurrection MC could do was swear to spend their lives making amends for an unforgivable act.

And they did.

This duty leads Core to become part of an undercover protection squad that takes care of Hellen Moynihan when trouble arises in town.

At first Core finds this dynamo of women fascinating, but he’s decided it’s taboo.

Then, Hellen and her friend get involved in a multi-state scam scheme.

Suddenly the limits for Core are out of the window.

He has no choice but to get really close.

Smoke and Steel is the second book in the Wild West MC series. If I understand correctly, this series features stories about three different MCs: (1) Chaos MC, (2) Resurrection MC, and (3) Aces High MC. For this book we are with the guys from Resurrection MC.

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Core is a good man on the road to salvation. However, he still lives with a lot of regret and pain. He feels guilty for something that happened to his mother, but most of all he feels guilty for the unforgivable act that he and his brothers committed while they were the Bounty MC. In fact, my heart ached from the fear and guilt Core dealt with on a daily basis, but I believed he was sorry and I believed he deserved forgiveness.

Hellen is a very strong and successful woman. She owns her own business and is very talented. While she loves Core and obviously enjoys her relationship with him, it’s clear that Hellen doesn’t need a man to take care of her. It was sweet to see Core bring out the softer side of her and do so much to make sure she felt important.

I really enjoyed watching Core and Hellen become a couple. There are some bumps in your road, and those bumps include some very tough and difficult stuff. I liked the supporting characters that were introduced, including his brothers and his friends, and I look forward to seeing all of them again in future books. I can’t wait to go back to Chaos! I loved Nanook (I have no idea how to pronounce it correctly).

What I didn’t like about Smoke And Steel story was that on several occasions I felt like I was being taught to put people in certain boxes and not look at everyone the same way. I totally understand that things that happen in real life come into play when writers write their stories. It just felt a bit more pointed and preachy here, and it took me out of the story as a result. Other than those moments, I really enjoyed reading this book and getting to know Core and Hellen.

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