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Snap Out Of It book pdf download for free or read online, also Snap Out Of It pdf was written by Maddie Dawson.

BookSnap Out Of It
AuthorMaddie Dawson
Size740 KB

Snap Out Of It Book PDF download for free

Snap Out Of It Book PDF download for free

A fun and warm-hearted novel about falling in love, falling apart, and putting it all back together from the best-selling author of Matchmaking for Beginners.

After three marriages and a long life, resilient Billie Slate knows exactly what trouble love can bring. She has now reinvented herself as Heartbreak Bunny, an on-demand performance artist who can heal anyone burned by that four-letter word LOVE by jumping around, taking with her sad memories of her past relationships. .

call it magic. call it weird. But her bunny costume is just as perfect as her breakup mantra: SHUT UP.

Snap Out Of It Pdf Download

When Billie’s business venture goes viral and leads her to sudden fame, her comfortable life becomes surreal: her daughter’s marriage begins to fail, and Victor, aka the worst husband ever, wants to bond not only with her daughter, but also with Billie to recover. Only that he has competition: a charming widower could fall in love with a woman who no longer believes in love.

As all the romantic notions that Billie had been suppressing disappear, Heartbreak Bunny must face the possibility that love still has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

Maddie Dawson does it again! Only this time, the main character of her dresses up as a bunny girl and goes to people’s houses who are getting divorced and takes things out of their lives that they no longer need. Maddie always has a wonderful sense of magical realism that is woven into all of her stories.

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“Snap Out of It” is more than original, hysterical and entertaining.
You will always find friends between the pages of her books.
It’s always a great day when Maddie Dawson publishes a new book!

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