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Snow Creek book pdf download for free or read online, also Snow Creek pdf was written by Gregg Olsen.

BookSnow Creek
AuthorGregg Olsen
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Snow Creek Book PDF download for free

Snow Creek Book PDF download for free

When Ruth Turner walks into the Port Townsend, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and claims that her sister, Ida Wheaton, has been missing for over a month, Detective Megan Carpenter’s instincts tell her that she must do more than present a complaint.

When Megan runs to Ida’s remote farm in the hills above Snow Creek, she finds Ida’s teenage children alone and scared. She can’t help but notice that there is no television. No video games. Nothing from the outside world. Something about the Wheaton family just doesn’t add up and triggers a painful flashback from Megan’s childhood, when one day both parents were gone in the blink of an eye.

A woman’s body is then discovered in an abandoned van near the Wheatons’ house, and Megan is convinced the cases are connected.

If she has any chance of catching the killer, Megan must first unravel the mysteries of the isolated community of Snow Creek. But Megan has her own dark secrets of her own…

Hidden in the back of her closet is a box of tapes containing all the recordings of her therapy sessions over thirteen years ago. Will she finally be able to face the past that she has been trying to suppress for years? And will reliving her own painful history help her solve the complex case unfolding in the hills above Snow Creek before she loses another innocent life?

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Snow Creek Book Pdf Download

My Synopsis: (No big reveals,)
People who choose to live above Snow Creek Washington want to live off the grid for a number of reasons, but in short, they’re looking for seclusion. But things aren’t always what they seem, and some of the residents have secrets.

Detective Megan Carpenter travels to the hills to search for a woman named Ida Watson who has been reported missing by her sister. Her children say that a few weeks ago their mother and her father traveled to Mexico to work for charity. Upon further investigation, it is discovered that they never arrived. When a woman’s body is discovered in a van not far from Watson’s home, it becomes clear that a killer is on the loose.

Megan has to sift through many lies before the truth comes out.
In her private life, Megan relives her childhood. She listens to recordings that were made of finally seeing a night terror therapist. At the time she was known as Rylee. Only the therapist knows the full story of Megan’s past.

My opinions:
This will be another successful series from a very talented author. I think as a true crime writer, Gregg Olsen can use those experiences to write wonderful whodunits.
The plot of this book was captivating and the characters intriguing.

Olsen has created a main character that you will want to “meet.” She’s smart, she’s good at her job, and she’s damaged. She has a past. Yes, you want to meet her. Olsen gives you enough information to keep you glued to the pages you turn and leaves you with so many unanswered questions that you anticipate the next book…and hope she’s not far behind.

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I read this novel in less than a day and thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to Detective Megan Carpenter. She is intelligent and full of empathy for the victims of the crimes she investigates, but she also has a dark past that Olsen begins to reveal in this first book in the series. She is an intriguing character and definitely has a lot to give as the series progresses.

Snow Creek, as the title suggests, is located in the remote area of ​​Snow Creek. The setting descriptions are beautiful and I really felt like I had been transported there for the duration of the novel. The feeling of isolation and the attitude of some members of the Snow Creek community made me very uneasy and created a tense atmosphere.

Snow Creek’s plot is quite complex, but Olsen directed the story very well to make it all fit together nicely. There are some twists and turns as it unfolds and I wanted to know what would happen.

Snow Creek book ends on a cliffhanger and I really look forward to seeing how the series continues!

I really have always been a fan of Gregg Olsen’s books. The new Snow Creek is no exception. An amazing story full of suspense and truly bizarre events. Olsen’s new character, Megan Carpenter, is fantastic. Despite having many demons in her past, she uses these tragedies to seek justice for the victims and seek the truth. She has an innate feeling that suspects are lying and she uses that feeling to get them to admit what they know.

The story itself is filled with horrific acts of retribution, abuse, and outright evil. The end of the book gave me two different thoughts. First of all, I shook my head at the high suspense. Second, even though there was that cliffhanger, I know fans of author Megan Carpenter will see her again. I can only hope it’s soon. Thanks to Gregg Olsen for some truly wonderful books and the time we spent enjoying them.

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