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State Of Shock book pdf download for free or read online, also State Of Shock pdf was written by Marie Force.

BookState Of Shock
AuthorMarie Force
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State Of Shock Book PDF download for free

State Of Shock Book PDF download for free

You never saw this coming…

This story picks up right where State of the Union left off with another wild ride for the first couple as they navigate work, family, and a particularly baffling new crime thriller that has Sam pushing the envelope for answers, before a killer can strike again. . Meanwhile, Nick wrestles with the fallout from his historic State of the Union address when a figure from his past threatens to undo all the progress he’s made since he took office as president.

State Of Shock Pdf Download

Marie Force has done it again. She writes such deep characters and moving stories that the reader is drawn into the story. The theme of this book is very moving and timely and is treated with great care. I have laughed and cried with the characters, as readers we have followed these characters through their ups and downs and encouraged them on their journey.

I can’t recommend this series highly enough, if you want to read something full of heart, suspense, heartwarming story and great funny characters, grab this series.

I am a huge fan of Marie Force and the Fatal/First Family series are my absolute favorite books. I love Sam and Nick and watch how they deal with whatever life throws at them. Of the 16 books in the Fatal series, there is one that I skip every time I reread it (Fatal Jeopardy) and this will be the one I will skip in this series.

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State Of Shock story is very personal to Sam in a way that most books are not, and I have to say, he was not my favorite. I don’t really want to spoil anything (which makes this review a bit more difficult), but if you didn’t like Fatal Jeopardy, I’d say you probably won’t like at least some key aspects of this book.

Aside from the main plot, I really enjoyed this book. Lots of good stuff to catch up with everyone, HUGE drama with almost everyone on the list, lots of appearances by Scotty and Skippy, and tons of character development and interaction. There will be tons and tons of ramifications from this book (much more than usual; probably more than anything other than Skip dying and Nick becoming president), so it will definitely have an impact on the future series.

I also really liked that the Wild Widows series is only covered in this book; if you’ve read the first Wild Widows book, you may know where this book takes place in terms of time, but you definitely don’t have to. to read both series (recommended though)! I think the timelines between the two series can get a bit messy later on, but that’s a problem for someone other than me! Overall, I really enjoyed this book, but it’s probably not going to be on my re-read list when I re-read my frequent series.

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