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Stay Forever book pdf download for free or read online, also Stay Forever pdf was written by Kaylee Ryan.

BookStay Forever
AuthorKaylee Ryan
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Stay Forever Book PDF download for free

Stay Forever Book PDF download for free


My whole world revolves around taking care of my baby. I never wanted anyone in my life, in our lives, until Kennedy came to town and ruined my routine as a single father.

She’s the first woman in a long time to make me feel something… anything. If only he would let me in.

Kennedy is kind, beautiful, and everything I never knew I wanted. She looks at me like I’m her whole world and her bond with my daughter is something to behold.

But there’s a problem: she’s leaving in a few weeks and I need to find a way to ask her to stay.


My trip to Willow River came at just the right time to get away. Taking care of my grandmother should be my whole focus. What I shouldn’t do is fall in love with an adorable single dad. But my curious grandmother has other ideas.

You can’t resist Declan. Everything with him is easy and feels good. We feel good. But the timing isn’t right, no matter how much I wish I could turn things around.

She’s the forever guy, but this isn’t my house, and she doesn’t know what to ask when two words change everything… “stay forever.”

Stay Forever Book Pdf Download

I’ll take it and say it again, these Kincaid brothers are stealing my heart! If you’re looking for a colorful hero who will do anything for the woman he loves, look no further than Stay Forever and the Kincaid Brothers series!

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Stay Forever is the second full novel in the Kincaid Brothers series by Kaylee Ryan. This wonderful romance revolves around Declan Kincaid, his 4 year old daughter Brooks, who is almost 5, and his leading lady, Kennedy Edwards. ILLUSION!

Declan has spent the last five years trying to be the best single dad a little girl could ask for. And believe me, ladies and gentlemen, this man is a rock star in the dad category. But over the years she’s come to realize that there’s one thing she can’t give her little girl, and that’s the love that only a mother figure can give her. Thank God he has a big family and several sisters-in-law… but something still doesn’t work…

Until……. Heartbroken newly divorced Kennedy Edwards rides into town.

And that’s where I’m going to sum things up in this part of my review… We all need a bit of secrecy in our lives and I think it’s best to read this book without knowing what the story is about. So let’s dive straight into my thoughts on Kaylee Ryan’s latest release, Stay Forever.

You shouldn’t be surprised that I loved every detail of Declan and Kennedy’s romance. So let’s get to the why…

Let’s start with the characters first.

Declan Kincaid was the brother I thought would be the last in the line of Kincaid brothers. This man really has a lot to lose and also a lot at stake when it really comes to finding the love. But Kaylee Ryan put me through a loop bringing her book into the game so early. And I’m not disappointed at all because I was secretly hoping to get Declan’s story sooner rather than later. There’s something about a romance with a single parent that increases vulnerability.

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This novel literally got me heart eyes throughout the story. I loved how caring this man is. I also loved the fact that this man saw something in his life that he wanted and went for it. Even when the curveball was thrown there, there wasn’t a second that I doubted his love for Kennedy. This man works hard and loves more. Definitely a motto to live by. Thank you Papa Kincaid!

Now to Kennedy. This is a woman who went through an emotional wringer with her last relationship/marriage. I wasn’t surprised when I hesitated a bit about jumping into the romantic lake with Declan. In her eyes, this man was too good to be true. But sometimes fate acts in mysterious ways… and due to spoilers, I’ll only say more about Kennedy Edwards. All I know is that Kennedy can steal your heart more than Declan! Her backstory made me fight back tears. My heart aches for this woman… But if you have read Kaylee Ryan’s books before, you will soon find that the pain you felt will soon turn into an endless amount of pure joy…

Last but not least we have Declan’s very adorable daughter named Brooks. I feel like this girl stole the show! She’s so darn sweet and made the sad moments feel a little lighter. I loved her relationship with the whole family and I loved how each of Kincaid’s siblings loved the ground she walked on. She was treated as the rarest of treasures, just as a child should be treated. The funniest thing, though, was watching her wrap all those big, beefy Kincaid brothers around that tiny finger. Can’t wait to see more babies in this series! Believe me when I say it was cuteness overload.

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I can’t say much more than what I’ve already said. Just know, if you’re the kind of reader who loves small town romances with lots of swoons, an instant love approach, and an epic happy ending, don’t hesitate and get Kaylee Ryan’s Stay Forever today! Declan Kincaid might be my favorite brother! This is definitely a MUST READ!

With every book Kaylee Ryan writes, I fall more and more in love with her. Declan Kincaid is no exception. He’s sexy, strong, and such a perfect dad. Kennedy has such a wonderful spirit and is a wonderful steward of the people around her. I love Declan and Kennedy’s relationship and I throw Declan’s daughter into the mix and OHHHHH it takes my breath away.

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