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Stay Over book pdf download for free or read online, also Stay Over pdf was written by Kaylee Ryan.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kaylee Ryan has been crowned Swoon Queen by her readers. With nearly fifty romance novels under her belt, she is known for writing happily ever after from her heart.

BookStay Over
AuthorKaylee Ryan
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Stay Over Book PDF download for free

Stay Over Book PDF download for free

This story is a book about friends to lovers and instant lust that burns slowly due to lack of misunderstanding. While Palmer has always had a crush on Brooks, his crush on Palmer is fairly recent. However, the two have shied away from their feelings for each other longer in the way Brooks cares for Palmer.

Stay Over Book Pdf Download

That was a great book!

Brooks and Palmer have known each other for most of their lives, and suddenly Brooks realizes that he has an undeniable attraction to Palmer. Palmer is delighted with the attention she receives from Brooks because she has had a crush on her brother’s boyfriend since she was 11 years old. When Brooks proposes an arrangement with friends, Palmer decides to go along with it, figuring everything will be fine as long as she keeps her heart out of it and they keep it a secret from her friends and family.

Along the way they both fall in love, but each is afraid to tell the other. I spent a good part of the book waiting for Brooks to accept the fact that he was in love with Palmer. Through a series of events, the two go their separate ways, teaching us that we should always be honest with our feelings.

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The two get back together with a barrage of twists and surprises, and it’s amazing!

The banter, chemistry, and friendship between these two will keep you page after page to see what’s next.

The big Kincaid family is great and every scene with them makes me long for the stories of the other brothers too.

This book also had many appearances by Ramsey and Deacon from Never With Me. Ramsey is the Palmer’s best friend and also Deacon is her brother. Ramsey is also a cousin of the Brooks. It’s great to see his story continue in the books in this series.

I look forward to Declan’s next book!

It was such an amazing feel-good story. Add to that a bit of fear and a bit of a tug on the hearts of him and this was one hell of a read. I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of people mentioned and thought maybe I missed some books I should have read first. However, that was not the case and I was able to get my bearings quickly and well with a family of nine siblings, it only takes a minute to figure out who is who!

I loved this book. Brooks is a dream, a literal dream, and I couldn’t get enough of him at Palmer’s. Both the characters and the story had my heart in their hands and I loved everything that was happening. I am so excited to see more of this family and their stories and boy did Kaylee set up the next one so perfectly! I loved!

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