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Stay Tonight book pdf download for free or read online, also Stay Tonight pdf was written by Kaylee Ryan.

BookStay Tonight
AuthorKaylee Ryan
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Stay Tonight Book PDF download for free

Stay Tonight Book PDF download for free

A slow romance from best friends to lovers, this book ticked all of my boxes. I’ll admit that I love friend-to-lover romance as the premise works better than something like Instalove. So the tension between Alyssa and Spenser was spot on: there were so many, wasn’t there? And lots of please-do-it moments! And, the inevitable swoon when they finally do. And then the extended family and the funny banter and the sweet family love? And I was in heaven. Great book in a great series!

This friendship between lovers was beautiful and slow and I loved it.

Stay Tonight Pdf Download

Sterling and Alyssa are best friends. Their relationship is really closer than any married couple. They share meals and take care of things that the other needs to do. She shops for him and he mows the grass in his garden. They’ve put themselves in the friend zone and don’t see each other as a friend anymore. They even talk about how lucky each other’s future partner will be to have them (don’t worry, there aren’t any others). Everyone sees what they don’t see.

I’m not always a fan of slow-simmering romance. It has to be done well so I can enjoy it and not get bored. Let me just say this one was done right!!! I wasn’t bored once. The buildup between the two of them, acknowledging their own feelings for each other and eventually sharing those feelings with each other was perfect. There was no rush in their romantic relationship.

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Sterling comes from the large Kincaid family. Her family is close and Alyssa is treated like family. I loved the jokes and humor of the entire Kincaid family.

This book was sweet, had no drama, and left me with a warm feeling. It captivated me and I couldn’t put it down. Sterling is kind, loving, and very protective…a trait I love.

So this can be read on its own but trust me you will love the Kincaid family and want to know them all. I recommend reading the entire series in order.

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