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Stealing The Bride book pdf download for free or read online, also Stealing The Bride pdf was written by Nadia Lee.

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Nadia Lee writes sexy and emotional contemporary romance. Born with a love of good food, travel and adventure, she has lived in four different countries, kissed stingrays, been bitten by a shark and petted tigers.

BookStealing The Bride
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Stealing The Bride Book PDF download for free

Stealing The Bride Book PDF download for free

Stealing the Bride is a full-length standalone romance novel starring a sexy AF billionaire, a smart, geeky heroine, identical twins, and a mistaken identity. No tricks, no suspense. Just a lot of warmth, heart and humor.

Stealing The Bride Book Pdf Download

This isn’t my first Nadia Lee book, but there’s a reason she’s become one of my favorite authors after just a few reads. This book is an excellent example of what to expect and why you’ll love writing it.

Court, aka Whiskey, is a billionaire with a terrible family history, but someone who wants to be seen for more than just his money. A numbers whiz, Pascal aka Skittles loves working in the financial markets, but he’s desperate for a promotion that’s slipping out of his hands. Their reunion is perfect, their chemistry is sizzling, and they can’t walk away, but it’s clear they both want more than just a one-night stand, but the next morning doesn’t go as planned for either of them. What sucks for them leads to hilarious entertainment for us.

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The story flows beautifully through their relationship, even with the drama of both families and their own trials and tribulations. No relationship is perfect and both characters try to figure out if the other’s attraction is lust or love. This book has it all. You’ll laugh at what Court has to do to get to Pascal, you’ll cry at the ups and downs, especially Pascal, and you’ll get really mad at some of the supporting characters for what they’re doing to the two main characters. But in between it all, Court and Pascal’s chemistry will melt the pages and have you reaching for a glass of something cold and strong.

I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. All the characters are unique and fun and I’m happy to learn more about Nate and Yuna through the books and happy to discover that Court’s family drama can be found in his brother Tony’s books! Oh happy days because I have to know what happened, all the details Pick up this book now, you won’t be disappointed and you will find a new author to add to your list.

While this is a pretty riveting read, it’s also not exactly what I was expecting from the blurb. Yes, our hero has a one night stand and then stops a wedding to steal the bride. But that’s not really what the book is about.

The story follows Court, a rich playboy who spots a woman at a club one night. She seems to exude happiness and fun, which draws him to her immediately. Both feel the chemistry and decide to spend an anonymous night together. When Court wakes up in the morning, he wants more than one night…but he’s in the room alone with a $50 bill. Offended and so disappointed that her girl has run away, Court searches for her, even going so far as to avoid the wedding where she is rumored to be her bride.

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What he doesn’t expect is a case of mistaken identity, and now he must decide what to do about it. Things get even more complicated when Pascal’s family gets involved and she left Court for a reason, so winning her over won’t be that easy.

I really enjoyed the style of writing and the moments of humor and lightness in the story. Honestly, I was hoping it would be easier than it turned out to be. Propaganda is only a small part of the book, and honestly, these two only exchanged a few words on their first night together. There were no jokes before their sexy night together, it was truly a physical encounter.

It is not really enough to justify the court’s actions. What drew me to this book is the unique premise, but it ultimately turned into a story about a rich playboy with family drama and a woman who resists the attraction between them. While there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s also not what I expected to read. I’ve read (and enjoyed) books by this author before, and this one is no exception, but don’t let the hype fool you.

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