Download Stolen In The Night [PDF] By Patricia Macdonald

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Stolen In The Night book pdf download for free or read online, also Stolen In The Night pdf was written by Patricia Macdonald.

BookStolen In The Night
AuthorPatricia Macdonald
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Stolen In The Night Book PDF download for free

Stolen In The Night Book PDF download for free


What really happened that night?
They said he killed his sister.
You lied.


Tess’ heart is racing and she rubs her eyes, wondering if she’s really awake or if she’s in a nightmare. Her sister Phoebe’s blue eyes are wide with fear, a dirty hand with torn nails covering her mouth. A knife is pressed against Phoebe’s neck, making a dent in her skin.

“If you peep or tell anyone, I’ll kill your sister here. Do you understand me?” the man hisses at her.

Nine-year-old Tess DeGraff is the only witness to the razor-sharp kidnapping of her teenage sister Phoebe at the beautiful lakeside campground in New Hampshire where she lives with her parents and brother.

Phoebe’s body is found two days later and a local criminal is arrested. The trial lasts just three days after Tess described the kidnapper and pointed him out in court.


Tess has finally recovered. She has a beautiful home and also her 10-year-old son is the light of her life.

But new DNA evidence exonerates her sister’s killer. Tess questions everything she thinks she knows. If he didn’t, who did?

Tess needs to go back to where it all happened and find out what really happened that night.

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And the truth can be very dangerous. . .

A heart-pounding psychological thriller from the #1 bestselling author of Missing Child.

Stolen In The Night Pdf Download

The only problem I had was that the younger brother was not mentioned that month. I felt like I was sent on a practical journey to keep the plot from becoming overloaded with characters. I can’t think of a brother who isn’t concerned about everything his family is going through. Book launch I kept wondering when he would come home and be with his family. Otherwise it was a very good story with lots of twists and turns.

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