Download Surrender To A Devil [PDF] By Wendy Vella

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Surrender To A Devil book pdf download for free or read online, also Surrender To A Devil pdf was written by Wendy Vella.

BookSurrender To A Devil
AuthorWendy Vella
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Surrender To A Devil Book PDF download for free

Surrender To A Devil Book PDF download for free

He doesn’t think he’s capable of love.

Forrest Howarth didn’t have the ability to love a woman. His daughter, yes, and the cousins ​​who took him in when he arrived from India, but a woman, no. Joining Alexius and using his knowledge to protect the monarch was the next step he needed to take in life. But before he does that, Forrest needs to find someone to raise his daughter. Miss Ruby Knight appears to be that person.

The problem with Ruby in his house is that she fascinates him. She hides behind her clothes and the need to make her feel way below him on the social ladder.

But she had plans. He just hadn’t figured out what. No one has ever confused his mind as his daughter’s guardian, and as he gives in to the inevitable and kisses her, he realizes there is no turning back.

Too late he realizes that his mission is connected to Alexius and Ruby and he must use all his skills to protect them.

She will do anything to keep her brother alive. She even betrays the man she loves.

When Ruby finds a job at the Deville home, it’s the answer to her prayers. What she didn’t plan was a sweet little girl and her cold, distant father tugging at her heart.

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When her world is threatened by those who want her to spy on the Deville family, she knows she must do it or her brother will be harmed.

He can’t get his heart pumping when Forrest Howarth is around. She can’t afford to fall in love with her son, and yet how can she avoid it when she has to see her every day? How will he protect her and his brother?

He realizes too late what is in his heart, but he cannot act on it. She can’t imagine sacrificing her brother for Forrest and Ella’s love.

He will give his life to protect his son as she will protect her brother. But can they fight together against the threat that threatens to destroy them?

From USA Today bestselling author Wendy Vella comes a red hot series of passion, scandal and intrigue. Tasked with protecting the king, the Deville brothers are part of a secret alliance forged centuries ago, but when it comes to matters of the heart, they have yet to be tamed.

Surrender To A Devil Pdf Download

Surrender To A Devil book was another exciting story in the fabulous Deville family. Our hero in this book is Deville’s widowed cousin Forrest Howarth and his six-year-old daughter Ella. After returning from India and the death of his wife, he turned to his newfound cousins ​​for help. He and Ella got along very well and everyone loves and spoils Ella unabashedly.

The cousins ​​have entrusted secrets to Forrest, and he is willing to join them in the secret society Alexius, which protects the monarch and other people he deems important. Forrest’s next very important step is to find a teacher for his daughter and with the help of his cousins ​​and their wives he hires Miss Ruby Knight but there are many secrets she is hiding and Forrest finds them fascinating.

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Ruby is happy to have been hired as a teacher; She needs this job to take care of her fourteen year old brother Adam who was born with useless legs. You grew up in a house full of hate; her mother died young, she was an only child and had six siblings, including Adam, whom her father locked in a room out of shame.

Ruby and Adam somehow escaped their father’s cruelty and finally made it to London. Ella and Ella hit it off and the teacher-student relationship thrived, and Forrest & the Devilles agreed. Not only is she an asset to Ruby, but things seem to be heating up between her and Forrest; But wonderful as things are going, Ruby is suddenly threatened and must agree to spy on the Devilles, or her brother will pay the price: can she choose loyalty (maybe love) over love for her brother?

When Forrest finds out about Ruby’s spying, he also makes sure it has something to do with his mission for Alexius. The intrigue, the mystery, the excitement, the danger are reasons enough not to put this book down. However, the hilarious banter between Devilles, Sinclairs and Ravens is mind-blowing, then add the Duchess of Yardley (who is gorgeous) into the mix; there is no way to stop reading. Forrest and Ruby get their HEA (I would have liked a little more steam) and they’re a perfect match. Also, Adam, Ella, and all the wonderful supporting characters who lived in Nobby Lane with Ruby and Adam received an HEA.

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