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Swamp Sniper book pdf download for free or read online, also Swamp Sniper pdf was written by Jana DeLeon.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon grew up in southwest Louisiana among swamps and alligators. Her hometown is Carlyss, but you probably won’t find her on a map.

BookSwamp Sniper
AuthorJana DeLeon
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Swamp Sniper Book PDF download for free

Swamp Sniper Book PDF download for free

In this third installment in the series, Ida Belle is framed for the murder of a mayoral candidate. It’s up to Gerti and Fortune to clear Ida Belle’s name by uncovering the real killer while avoiding Carter.

While conducting her own investigations, Fortune gets her foot stuck in the sheriff’s bathroom, shoots out of her own windows, Gerti has more mishaps in the trees, Marie joins the gang as a temporary member (she’s too nervous to be a full-time member). to become a trained agent). ) and Fortune acknowledges his burgeoning emotions. Par for the course for this group.

Swamp Sniper Book Pdf Download

Too many authors can’t write a series, half of the book was the previous book. This is not the case with Jana. Oh yes, you know coming home to characters you love, but you don’t need a montage. Jana takes your hand and you jump into the book with Ida Bell, Gertie, Fortune and Carter.

This time, a few more characters join in the fun, all running off in many different directions. I have two favorite scenes that made me laugh a lot, one is when Fortune shoots out a window a second time and Carter tells her not to hold a gun. And the other is when someone starts shooting Fortune and Gertie in the swamp and Fortune gets fed up with it so he hits the guy in his boat and the boat goes ashore, ashore and to Carter’s police car. Where are Gertie and Fortune?

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Well you know they don’t stay I had to run to the bathroom as I couldn’t stop laughing. There’s a lot more behind these scenes and I won’t reveal it. But if you become a fan of Jana Deleon when you finish a book you wonder where this author got her imagination and god almighty but it must be a fun place to live. I finished the book and as always I want more and I don’t want to wait I have to I know and I won’t beg ok maybe a little now and then but read the book and have a laugh.

If you haven’t read the entire series, start at the beginning because you will enjoy each and every one so much that not reading them will be a waste of your life. I love love this author and she could make a shopping list that would be a hit!

My happy place is hanging out with Fortune, Gerti, and Ida Belle in Sinful, Louisiana. These three attract trouble, murder, and mayhem like peanut butter attracts raccoons, and I can’t get enough of them. Fortune is a hoot as she tries to keep her disguise as a beauty pageant-winning librarian when in reality she is a CIA wanted assassin in hiding. Fortune was raised by a legendary CIA agent father who may also have been a sociopath, and she has no idea how to be “normal.”

His whole life revolved around training and missions. Trying to adjust to friendships, her attraction to the handsome local sheriff, and living a normal civilian life is almost too much for her. But thankfully he’s hiding out in Sinful, so the definition of “normal” life is pretty loose and usually involves guns.
Ida Belle and Gerti are perfect friends and partners for fortune. As Vietnam-era ex-government agents, both ladies “got it,” and this fabulous trio treats every event and social occasion like a life-threatening mission.

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