Download Swanfolk [PDF] By Kristin Omarsdottir

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Swanfolk book pdf download for free or read online, also Swanfolk pdf was written by Kristin Omarsdottir.

AuthorKristin Omarsdottir
Size3.1 MB

Swanfolk Book PDF download for free

Swanfolk Book PDF download for free

Like A Modern Midsummer Night’s Dream, a heavenly and haunting novel about a young spy who becomes enchanted by a half-swan, half-human species, an obsession that ultimately leads her to question her very existence and sanity.

In the not too distant future, a young spy named Elísabet Eva suffers from a mental disorder after a mission in Paris. Everything in Elísabet’s life in the city—friends, social engagements, and late nights—revolved around her work as a spy for the special forces. To regain her mental balance, Elisabeth takes long solitary walks near the lake.

Swanfolk Book Pdf Download

One day she sees two strange beasts emerge from the water: a pair of apparently mythical creatures, a human woman above her waist and a swan below her. Curious, she follows them through bushes to a clearing. . . and in a strange new reality.

Elisabeth’s walks become regular visits to these swan women. As she gains her trust, the creatures unravel the mystery of her secret existence and her desire to reproduce. Drawn further into the swan people’s monomaniacal (and often violent) quest, Elisabet finds her own mind becoming increasingly unreliable. Ultimately, she is forced to face both the consequences of her relationship with these unusual creatures

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