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Taken By Fate book pdf download for free or read online, also Taken By Fate pdf was written by Shannon Mayer.

BookTaken By Fate
AuthorShannon Mayer
Size1.9 MB

Taken By Fate Book PDF download for free

Taken By Fate Book PDF download for free

Plucked from collector pens, auctioned off to a contingent of vampires, and shipped across the ocean to the Alpha Territories, that wasn’t exactly my intention to spend my week.

Actually delete that. I had planned the first part. But I should be sold to the werewolves to save my friend from a fate worse than death. Instead, the bloodsuckers got me and so far? It’s not going very well. They put me in a corset and made me look like an extra in the Bridgerton cast just to attend the Harvest Games. Think The Bachelor in the 19th century, but the men are all vampires, and then add a downright terrifying Squid Games element to the mix.

No problem.

My goal, aside from keeping the number of holes in my body at the current norm, is more than just surviving. It’s about escaping the inevitable, finding my way into werewolf territory, and getting Jordan back.

Cue the political struggle.

Armed with nothing but a super-sharp bobby pin, my own questionable charm, and an unreasonable level of optimism, plans for me and my best friend to get out alive are well underway.

Until the general of the vampire army and his glowing eyes make me burst into flames and wonder if escape is what I want.

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Maybe an extra set of holes wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen…

Taken By Fate Book Pdf Download

Where to start, where to start… First I saw the map. This got me excited as it means oh so much territory and trouble to get into. I need this card and I’m only on the first book. Yes I am addicted!

The story is told from their point of view (POV) by the 2 MCs, Sienna and Dominic. I don’t usually like this style of writing, especially over a whole book, but it’s so well written that it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

I like that when the point of view switches from one to the other, it doesn’t pick it up from the last chapter (i.e. the end of Sienna’s point of view: I went into the room looking for it…then Dominic begins as he entered the room himself and what happened to him before she entered and then left). I like knowing what each character is going through when they’re not together so you can better understand their circumstances.

Sienna and Dominic are drawn to each other from the moment they meet, and no one knows why. They don’t want to be, Sienna for obvious reasons and Dominic to protect Sienna from any enemies she might have. They both fight that attraction, to say the least. The attraction in this book is well written. It’s not in your face, page after page, as if to fill the book.

Sienna is a fiery redhead who can’t shut up when she should. They give us a little bit of their backstory. Along with the things that happen to her while reading this, I can’t wait to learn more about her.

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Dominic is the Crown Prince’s General. In his position, he must not show any weakness, which Sienna feels for him and bad for her if anyone finds out about his feelings for her.

The “support” characters are fantastically written. I’m sure we’ll love them as much as the MCs, in true Shannon Mayer style. I already love a few of these.

Even though this is a Meet the Characters book, it still has a lot to offer. As is Mayer tradition, we’re left with a catch that makes us want to read the next book ASAP, but the wait is also a bit exciting. I don’t know how many books she hopes to write in this series, but I know I’ll read every word and enjoy the ride. I think this series will be one of the greatest jewels in Shannon’s crown!

Without knowing what to expect, Taken by Fate quickly drew me into the story and kept me hooked late into the night. The opulence, danger, mystery, and political intrigue were spot on, plus the nasty vapor was ?.

The “do whatever it takes to protect your loved ones” resonated throughout.
Starting with Sienna: feisty, quick-witted, an animal lover and a total sparkler. She struggles to fit in, but more often than not her chutzpah wins. She is the contender most likely to fail and is struggling to get into the safe zone. What she doesn’t anticipate is the “monster” vampire who bought her and her attraction to him.

Dark and brooding Dominic, the king’s bastard son and general of King Stirling’s armies, is caught between fangs and stones, the runaway, the one who never gives up his guard, the one who would do ANYTHING to protect everyone, your loved ones . Sienna gives him her heart and it’s so delicious! When he said “Who touched you?” blurts out. It just hit the mark. He can’t give in to his feelings, which are more obvious than he thinks, and keeps pushing them away. Just when I thought something was about to happen, they did, bam, a little cliffhanger!

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Add royal intrigue, supporting characters like cinnamon roll William and the bossy Duchess who hides her feelings, then add creepy and evil characters and you have a sleepless night you won’t regret! I’m really curious about the other areas and some other mysteries and mentions and thank all saints for the next two books coming out in the first half of 2023!

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