Download Tao Te Ching [PDF] By Lao Tzu

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Tao Te Ching book pdf download for free or read online, also Tao Te Ching pdf was written by Lao Tzu.

BookTao Te Ching
AuthorLao Tzu
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Tao Te Ching Book PDF download for free

Tao Te Ching Book PDF download for free

The Tao Te Ching is a series of meditations on the mysterious nature of the Tao: the way, the light, the source of all being. According to Lao Tzu (a name meaning ‘the ancient teacher’), the Tao is found where we least expect it, not in the strong but in the weak; not in words but in silence; not in doing, but in “not doing”.

The Tao Te Ching was compiled in China some 2,500 years ago and is loved by seekers around the world. Sam Torode presents this edition in poetic language, based on Dwight Goddard’s 1919 translation, making this ancient work accessible to contemporary readers.

Tao Te Ching Book Pdf Download

I’ve been really interested in poetry, meditation and connecting with my own inner self for a while now. I found this book and knew I had to have it. I was so happy I did. I take this book every time I have a bad day and it always changes my mood and helps me remember the true meaning of life and that positivity, compassion and love are the most important things I look forward to have to concentrate. It’s like therapy in form of the beautiful passages of poetry. I highly recommend it.

The translation is not my favorite, but this version of the Tao Te Ching is interesting in that it attempts to break down the verses by subject rather than their traditional order within the verses. This is obviously a somewhat subjective exercise and I certainly wouldn’t suggest that this is a major version of the book. But for those who have a multitude of translations, trying to break them down by subject rather than verse offers an interesting change in structure.

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I have been drawn to Taoism all my life, but the translations that were presented to me were very confusing in terms of explaining concepts in modern English that I was able to understand. Shortly after becoming familiar with it, I began to consult this book in my quest. Easy to understand when I apply it to my life. The best translation I found for myself. I can’t add enough stars. Bless
This is definitely not a one-time read for me. I will have to read this book over and over again because it is full of great sayings.

One of my favorites in the book was:

The Monks and the priests are often worst sinners.
police and legislators
They are often the worst criminals.

The book has a lot of great sayings. Highly recommended!
This translation of the Tao Te Ching truly stays true to the essence of Taoism: simplicity.
It’s one of my all-time favorite translations and I’ve bought several as gifts for those I know will appreciate them. Other translations sometimes use floral flourishes, which can also be beautiful, but this example really nails it.
The Tao Te Ching is one of my favorite spiritual and religious texts.

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