Download Texting My Hot Tutor [PDF] By Flora Ferrari

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Texting My Hot Tutor book pdf download for free or read online, also Texting My Hot Tutor pdf was written by Flora Ferrari.

BookTexting My Hot Tutor
AuthorFlora Ferrari
Size384 KB

Texting My Hot Tutor Book PDF download for free

Texting My Hot Tutor Book PDF download for free

After suffering a tragedy in my family, I’m really trying to move on. I share an apartment with my brother and go to university.

I want to focus on my studies and not get caught up in the dating scene.

But then one day while driving the bus I see a man.

He is tall and very handsome with an intense way of looking at the world, with silver hair and muscles flexing through his suit.

Texting My Hot Tutor Book Pdf Download

I hope never to see it again.

I hope never to know your name, Elias. Or find out that the math teacher I texted is him.

I never dreamed that our lyrics could become something more…

He’s forty-one years old, a successful stockbroker, gym owner, and part-time volunteer math teacher. It has the kind of look that magazine covers demand.

I would never choose a twenty year old like me who is on the curvier side of all the women who throw themselves at him.

I’m sure most of these women are experienced, as he probably is, not virgins…like me.

But one night our text messages get hot.

i need you And you have to surrender to me.

You don’t know how right you are.

But what happens when we actually meet and don’t just stare at each other across the cafeteria?

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You could lose your job.

But even worse if my brother finds out….

He’s very protective after what happened to our parents. I might think this older man is taking advantage of me.

No matter what, we can’t resist texting each other.

He’s obsessive and possessive, and I want everything to be okay.

But my past has taught me that it’s often a stupid wish.

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