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Thankful For Us book pdf download for free or read online, also Thankful For Us pdf was written by Ajme Williams.

BookThankful For Us
AuthorAjme Williams
Size611 KB

Thankful For Us Book PDF download for free

Thankful For Us Book PDF download for free

When I say he broke my heart, I really mean he did something I wouldn’t do to my worst enemy.

I hate Sam Clarke.
I hate him because he left me and now he’s trying to get back into my life.

Yes, he left me for another woman.
A woman who thought she was pregnant with her baby.
She not only left me, but she decided to marry that liar.

Well, his life is ruined… and I won’t let him do the same to mine.
Being born into a rich family does not give you the green light to come and go as you please.

I’ve built a new life for myself since we broke up.
I can’t let him come back to my reality and mess things up…especially as my business competitor.

The holiday season is the best time to show Sam that I’ve moved on.
And I’ll really prove to myself that I don’t love him anymore.
I don’t know… right?

Get ready for an exciting second chance, a secret pregnancy romance with a burst of holiday cheer. Grateful for Us is everything you could want in a Christmas book and more. It is part of the Heart of Hope series but is standalone. The books do not have to be read in order.

Thankful For Us Pdf Download

Once again, Ajme has a way of drawing you into his story with intriguing characters and stories. This follows Sam Clarke and Kate Wheatly. They had a history and even a future that was intense, passionate, loving, and yet imploded when her ex-girlfriend burst into her life and announced that her baby was his. He left Kate and her dreams without a second thought, breaking her heart and his trust.

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Now, five long years later, he knows her, only her heart is closed.
Can the two of them learn to open their hearts, or will hurt, anger, and misunderstanding tear them apart?
I loved this story and the characters, even if some of them were stubborn, jaded, and stubborn at times.

It has drama, heartbreak, anger, humor, passion, misunderstanding, forgiveness, and most importantly, love.

Sam and Kate’s story is spotty at best, he made a few mistakes early in their relationship that caused her pain and heartbreak. This story is about how he tries to make amends for what he did. They have a few bumps in the road, but it always turns out as it should. This is a good story that will keep you reading until the end.

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