Download The 20th Victim [PDF] By James Patterson

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The 20th Victim book pdf download for free or read online, also The 20th Victim pdf was written by James Patterson.

JAMES PATTERSON is one of the best-known and also best-selling authors of all time. His books have sold more than 375 million copies worldwide.

BookThe 20th Victim
AuthorJames Patterson
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The 20th Victim Book PDF download for free

The 20th Victim Book PDF download for free

Three victims, three bullets, three cities. Marksmen’s aim is as terrifyingly accurate as their aim. Realizing that fallen men and women excel at lucrative criminal activity, Lindsay leads the hunt for the killers. As the list of victims grows, fear and fascination with this suspicious shooting range sends the country into turmoil.
The victims were not angels, but the shooters were villains. . . or heroes?

The 20th Victim Book PDF download for free

Here’s the thing. I love James Patterson. He used to be one of my all-time favorite authors and basically everything he wrote became my new must-read right away. However, books have been hit or miss for me in recent years. There were still some real winners: I fully support the development of the Alex Cross books and the Michael Bennett books… but there were also some that I was wary of. I couldn’t completely fall in love with the Harriet Blue series and the Private series is a no-brainer for me. While I liked this book, it wasn’t the best book in the series by a long shot – I was busy and everything seemed a bit… chaotic.

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Let’s start with the main story. Modern day vigilantes take revenge on drug dealers and the like. They claim to be the new war on drugs and do what the police can’t or won’t. Lindsay and Rich try to find out and get help from other areas where similar murders have taken place, with varying degrees of success. At the same time, our favorite reporter is desperate to get the news, and she’s a little mad at her lover and best friend for keeping them away. Y

es, we’ve had this problem countless times in these books and it’s getting old. You’d think Cindy would now respect the fact that there are some things they can’t talk to her about, or that she might have to wait for information to catch a killer. And yet… she pouts. There is also a new and very annoying reporter who gets into the story with her. Is he just an idiot…or is he trying to sabotage her?

Side Story #1: Joe is called to an old friend’s side when his father dies of what appears to be natural causes. Ray just isn’t convinced, he actually thinks the doctor killed his father, and maybe several other patients. Is it sadness that he speaks? Ray lost it? Or could he really be into something? This one was tricky for me. It’s obvious that Ray needs at least a little help therapy, whether he has any or not. I don’t like that Joe seems to amuse his friend most of the time. The story dragged on a lot, with little bits of chaos to spice things up.

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Side Story #2: Claire is sick! I’m not going to go into too many details because… Revelation…. but Lindsay’s best friend is fighting for her life and I don’t feel like we’ve gotten enough information here. I would have liked to see it from her point of view or from her husband’s. As it was, something that could have added more depth to the characters and the WMC universe seemed like a distraction from everything else that was going on.

Side Story #3: Yuki must prosecute a young man on charges she thinks she doesn’t deserve. The kid was driving a drug dealer – in a stolen car. Did she know the car was stolen? Who knows?! Did he know about drugs? He won’t tell. He won’t say anything about the passenger either, who shot a cop and ran away, leaving this guy to atone for everything. But if he doesn’t speak, not even to save himself, how can anyone help him? Of all the side stories, this was probably my favorite.

I love Yuki and respect the pain she suffered from this case. It made me see her in a different light and I feel like there was a character development here.
All in all, it was a four star book for me. It was really good, but not the best of the bunch. Still, it was an interesting quick read.

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