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The Addendum book pdf download for free or read online, also The Addendum pdf was written by Melanie Moreland.

BookThe Addendum
AuthorMelanie Moreland
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The Addendum Book PDF download for free

The Addendum Book PDF download for free

You can change your future, but you cannot escape your past.
Life is good for Richard VanRyan.
His family is growing. His life is rich. He has everything he could ask for and he is blessed with everything he never knew he needed.
Until the day his past emerges and he throws a grenade at his future.
What happens when the man you used to be casts a shadow on the man you are today?

Can the two worlds merge peacefully or will one break apart?
Can forgiveness be earned or is it too high a price?

The Addendum Book Pdf Download

When the author dropped the bombshell with a third book in the Contract series, it was a pleasant surprise for her legions of fans. Richard VanRyan is a long-remembered character who had significant character development during his 62 years on Earth.

We were first introduced to him when he was in his early thirties and Katy was his administrative assistant. Even after all these years, Katy could not be wrong in my eyes and she is someone I want to emulate. She has a lot of class and she always treats herself with dignity and grace.

Their relationship was unhealthy and codependent when it started and it became one of the best love stories ever. Happily married for decades with five grown children, the book reflects on the past as they celebrate his retirement and his daughter Heather’s marriage with friends and family.

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His friends include those from the BAM series, and although this book can be read as a stand-alone book, I loved having the gang back and meeting their children. I absolutely loved every book in both series and The Addendum was an added treat that I devoured.

I commend the author for going to a place some readers might not embrace… the land of conflict and uncertainty for a long-cherished couple. Before getting married, in my opinion, Richard was not a lovable curmudgeon, he was a complete jerk who became a role model and a pillar among men after getting to know Katy better and having a mentor who believed in him. Richard must now confront a very real part of his past in vivid color and shakes up his perfect world.

If you’re a fan of the author’s Insta Spark books, where they meet and fall in love and everything is rosy, this isn’t that kind of book. The appendix is ​​as real as it gets as the family members waver with their feelings for him while dealing with the new truth about him. I know I’m vague, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise! Please note that there is NO scam.

I thought the author did a fabulous job of being realistic about how everyone would feel in his situation. No feelings were spared or judged and they were all justified and I thought it was brilliantly written.

And through it all, Katy stood by Richard. She put the needs of others first as she tried to digest her own feelings and she is the foundation of the family. Richard did not sugarcoat his past with his children and I admired his strength and honesty as he tried to explain that the man he was was very different from what he is today.

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For me personally he was very emotional because at first I basically hated him and because of the author’s gift for storytelling I came to love him. Love, love, love Richard! I laughed and cried together with his family!

There is a second love story that unfolds throughout the pages, that of Ashley and Luc. Luc is friends with all the main and supporting characters and I thought he was such an upstanding guy. Strong and loyal, he was there for Ashley when she needed him most.

The appendix is ​​filled with many funny moments, tender moments, and scenes that will leave you scared and just wanting to cry. But ultimately, it’s a story about family, acceptance, and forgiveness. Relatable people who really persevere and also turn adversity into something to cherish.

Richard’s life has been enriched in countless ways since he fell in love with his wife Katy. But somewhere in the back of his mind, he knows that the sins of his past will probably call to him. And now they have. His marriage is unstable, his children are angry with him and fighting with each other, and he doesn’t know if he can fix things this time.

Ashley is so mad when she sees it. Richard VanRyan. And now she has made a big mess. But she must make a choice: stay angry, push everyone away because she can’t believe her mother lied to her, or accept it and embrace the new family that awaits her. But if she believes Richard, it means her mother lied to him and her world will never be the same.

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I have to admit I was pretty upset when I realized the direction this was going. Richard and Katy had fought so hard for love, for love and for the family they have, so why turn it all upside down now? I’m glad I read it because fighting for love and family can only make a relationship stronger and that’s exactly what happened here.

Richard and Katy’s love was put to the test. But hers is one of those that pass the tests, even if it is painful to reach the end. I loved reading this series and all the spin-offs and I’m so glad there was room in your hearts for more family additions.

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