Download The Akseli [PDF] By Dianne Duvall

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The Akseli book pdf download for free or read online, also The Akseli was written by Dianne Duvall.

BookThe Akseli
AuthorDianne Duvall
Size2 MB

The Akseli Book PDF download for free

The Akseli Book PDF download for free

Simone has been hunting and killing psychotic vampires for hundreds of years and is in dire need of a change.

When the leader of the Immortal Guardians offers her the chance to protect ten mortal women who venture to another planet, she immediately dives in and finds space travel just as exciting as she had hoped. . . until an enemy attacks. Simone saves as many as she can before she is pushed into an escape pod and the ship explodes.

Despite his bitter reputation and penchant for breaking the law, Janwar has forged a friendship with Prince Taelon of Lasara. When the Prince’s ship is destroyed, Janwar joins the Aldebarian Alliance’s search and rescue mission and soon finds the Gathendien ship that launched the attack. To his surprise, someone else got to the ship first: one of the Earth women he hoped to save.

Fascinatingly wild, Simone joins forces with Janwar and his crew to search for her missing friends. The friendship that grows between the Janwar and Simone really deepens into the love. But the enemy warriors they face have more weapons in their arsenal than the Alliance knows. Can Janwar, Simone and such a small team defeat them?

Contains mature themes.

The Akseli Book Pdf Download

Most series get boring after the fifth or sixth book. It is as if the author has lost interest but continues to write to please the fans. You can’t say THAT about Dianne Duvall. Each of his books is so new, exciting and enjoyable.

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The characters are fresh and formed. You must know someone like her. The story is a continuation of the series, but the story of our h/H is what grabs you and arouses your interest. I love the social context. It makes me feel like it’s happening in real time.

I would definitely recommend this book. But to truly appreciate it, you have to start with the Immortal Guardian series. But whether you’re starting at the beginning or just starting here, you won’t be disappointed.

This was an immersive and intense story from start to finish, space pirates, who doesn’t like that! I loved this story and can’t wait for the next one. I can spot at least 2 possible stories in this book. I need more!

This is a great series. I love that the female characters are so strong and capable. This book is another part that I will read again and again. It moves the entire series and introduces a team I’d love to see more of. I highly recommend these books if you like TA White, Michelle Dienier, or Jessie Mihalik.

I loved Simone’s enthusiasm and how she passed it on to the pirates. She is vivacious and a great warrior. I don’t want to say much about the hero of this book other than to say that he is perfect for Simone! It seems that there are 2 possible future books of this one!! I loved it and highly recommend it!!

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