Download The Alien’s Bounty [PDF] By Ella Maven

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The Alien’s Bounty book pdf download for free or read online, also The Alien’s Bounty pdf was written by Ella Maven.

BookThe Alien’s Bounty
AuthorElla Maven
Size297 KB

The Alien’s Bounty Book PDF download for free

The Alien's Bounty Book PDF download for free

She is something I didn’t want, but everything I long for.

Lu: This planet is the pits. I’m being passed to different aliens one by one like a dog-eared novel. My latest captors are about to take me off the planet when a big blue alien fails the rescue mission. Now we are both captives of a wild species of lizards that will set us free on one condition, and I think our life expectancy looks bleak.

Axton: I know swords, enemies and blood, but this human is something else. He never stops talking, he asks too many questions and it makes my blood run hot. All we have to do is find the lost offspring of the Lizard King. With my muscles and his sporadic ability to see into the future, I guess we could make it out alive.

As I fight for my life, I also fight to keep my hands off the ferocious human. But time is running out, and if I want a future with her, I’ll have to do the hardest hunting of my life.

The Alien’s Bounty Book Pdf Download

I LOVE Ella Maven books! This was no exception, I loved it!! I really laughed out loud so many times while reading. I really loved Lu, her character was so funny and unabashedly so was she. She was the perfect companion for our quiet and stoic bb Axton! She also introduced us to a new alien race that I’m looking forward to! Let’s cross our fingers that it won’t be the last time we see it!

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This one was full of laughter and excitement (she made me cry at one point!), but also the fun enthusiasm that she is known for! I loved watching Axton learn (YES, he [and the other guys in this series] are virgins!) I highly recommend this series and all of his books!

I really enjoyed The Alien’s Bounty. Lu and Axton, we are a great couple and I loved the story. It was really unlike any previous book with the addition of the Priedans. I was no longer in love with them enough to tug at my heart.

Ella Maven’s Drixonians series just keeps getting better! The world building is fascinating and exciting, the characters are sexy and funny. I look forward to the next book and really hope she writes a lot more.

I loved. Lu was one of the recovered human women that the Drixionians were really looking for. Axton finds her and himself worthy of her as he falls head over heels for her. It was full of action, romance, and hot scenes. I hope this series never ends.

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