Download The American Roommate Experiment [PDF] By Elena Armas

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The American Roommate Experiment book pdf download for free or read online, also The American Roommate Experiment pdf was written by Elena Armas.

Elena Armas is a Spanish writer, a self-confessed hopeless romantic and, to Mr B’s dismay, a proud book hoarder. After years of devouring HEAs and endlessly talking (well, okay, yelling) about them, she finally got up the nerve and decided to create her own.

She hopes these stories will make your heart skip a beat or two, your palms a little sweaty, and your cheeks flush that rosy color that makes other people glance at the page you’re reading.

BookThe American Roommate Experiment
AuthorElena Armas
Size2 MB

The American Roommate Experiment Book PDF download for free

The American Roommate Experiment Book PDF download for free

Rosie Graham has a problem. Some even. She quit her high-paying job to concentrate on her secret career as a novelist. She hasn’t yet told her family about it and now she has terrible writer’s block. Then the roof of her New York apartment literally collapses on her. Luckily, she has her best friend Lina’s spare key for her when she’s out of town.

What Rosie doesn’t know is that Lina has already made her apartment available to her cousin Lucas, whom Rosie has been following – for lack of a better word – on Instagram for several months. Lucas seems determined to help her like a Spanish knight in shining armor. Only this one walks around in a towel, with a distracting smile and an irresistible accent. Oh, and he cooks.

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The American Roommate Experiment Book Pdf Download

Lucas offers Rosie to stay with him, at least until she finds affordable temporary housing. And then she proposes an outlandish experiment to bring back her literary muse and meet her deadline: he takes her on a series of experimental dates designed to boost her romantic inspiration. Rosie has nothing to lose. Her silly online crush is totally under control, but Lucas’s time in New York has an expiration date, and six weeks may not be enough for her or his deadline.

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