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The Best Friend book pdf download for free or read online, also The Best Friend pdf was written by Shalini Boland.

BookThe Best Friend
AuthorShalini Boland
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The Best Friend Book PDF download for free

The Best Friend Book PDF download for free

When Louisa Sullivan takes her young son to his first play date at a new friend’s house, little does she know her family’s life is about to change. Because he’s going to meet Darcy Lane.

Darcy is a woman who has everything: a dream home, a powerful husband and enviable wealth.

She is the perfect wife.

The perfect friend.

The perfect liar.

The Best Friend Book Pdf Download

The Best Friend is a suspense psychological thriller. Louisa’s new best friend has
everything: the house, the status, the money, but it also hides a dark secret. And as Louisa delves deeper into her friend’s life, events take a chilling turn…

The timeline started in the present and then switched to the past about nineteen years ago. The break in the timelines came at a time when I was dying for answers, but then I was pulled back in time. I say this in the most positive way, it drove me crazy. Shalini skillfully executed this story and built the suspense. This was written from Louisa’s point of view with a character driven story.

Louisa’s character is careful with her money and prefers to spend it on practical things. While her husband Jared is an ambitious man who longs for a more luxurious lifestyle. Jared is easily drawn to the Lanes, a family who lead a genteel life. Louisa worries about how much her husband wants to fit in with these people. Louisa is worried and stressed about her low standard of living. Louisa has a hands-on mindset that requires her to lay out the terms of an agreement before signing it, while her husband steps in first and considers the terms later.

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Confident and pleased with herself when she met Darcy, Louisa felt disheveled in his presence. Louisa was a caring and kind friend that allowed Darcy to dominate the friendship. Louisa’s problems and worries took a back seat to Darcy’s problems.

This book was definitely a page turner. Shalini added many layers to the story. There was never a dull moment. All of the activities these characters were involved in were just as exciting and thrilling and fitted well into the storyline. In the end, all layers connected perfectly.
My favorite part of this book was the way Shalini explained why. It was shocking how the pieces fell together.
All of Shalini’s thrillers have been set in the UK. I loved looking up the places in England including Sandbanks Beach.

Louisa and her husband Jared they have a son, named Joe, and also a really good life. Jared works in advertising and Louisa writes an article for the local newspaper once a month. Joe was recently enrolled in a private school. Joe befriends a boy named Tyler whose mother is Darcy. According to the Louisa, Darcy has the perfect life and also is surprised when Darcy befriends her. Darcy and also her husband Mike use their money and connections to really help Jared open his own agency.

And then things happen that make Louisa question Darcy’s motives and actions (her kids were going to throw a birthday party together, but it turns out poor Joe’s name was left out “accidentally,” Darcy), wrote Louisa’s column once for her when she was ill and ended up having the column for herself) And when Louisa starts questioning her friendship with Darcy and confides in her husband Jared, he writes her off as paranoid.

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As all of this is going on we get some chapters that go back in time and focus on two children, Nicole and her brother Cal. I found out pretty quickly how they fit into the whole story. But I guessed myself a few times lol

This book would make a great Lifetime movie lol as long as I enjoy it. I wanted to slap Louisa for being so native at times and also her husband for being such an unsupportive jerk.

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