Download The Best Kind of Forever [PDF] By Celeste Briars

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The Best Kind of Forever Book pdf download for free or read online, also The Best Kind of Forever pdf was written by Celeste Briars.

BookThe Best Kind of Forever
AuthorCeleste Briars
Size405 KB

The Best Kind of Forever Book PDF download for free

The Best Kind of Forever Book PDF download for free
The Best Kind of Forever Book PDF download for free

Aeris Relera has always drawn the short end of the stick in life—a self-absorbed ex, neglectful parents, and a past that continues to haunt her. When she’s down on her luck one night, a mysterious knight in shining armor—or more realistically, a knight in hockey shoulder pads—saves her from a few too many tequila shots.

Hayes Hollings’ checkered past refuses to stay very far behind him, and his mistakes are even more catastrophic when they’re broadcasted to the whole world. Being a disgraced NHL player isn’t good for his love life or his reputation.

The Best Kind of Forever Pdf Download

Determined to get into the public’s good graces, Hayes constructs a devious plan to rebrand his image as a doting boyfriend.

Aeris has grown to accept that she’s not destined for what love has to offer, but when Hayes rewrites her fate, she’s thrown into an internal battle that has her stretched between giving love a shot or keeping her distance from the Riverside Reapers’ biggest playboy. Hayes might seem like the perfect guy to help Aeris learn how to love again, but little does she know that he’s harboring a secret big enough to ruin her completely.

Will love prevail between two polar opposites, or will fatal lies break these two apart?

The Best Kind of Forever is a hilarious hockey romance featuring a swoon-worthy, reformed playboy, a fake dating scheme, spice hot enough to make you question your religious values, and a newfound chance at love between two polar opposites. It’s the first book in a series, but can be read as a standalone.

The Best Kind of Forever is a hockey romance, he falls first and harder, opposites attract, midsize heroine sports romance with no cheating and a satisfying happily ever after. epub

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