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The Best Of Me book pdf download for free or read online, also The Best Of Me pdf was written by Sharon Sala.

Sharon Sala has over 135 books and novels in print, published in six different genres: Romance, Young Adult, Western, Fiction and Women’s Fiction and Nonfiction. First published in 1991, it is an eight-time RITA finalist, Janet Dailey Award winner, five-time RT magazine Career Achievement winner, five-time National Reader’s Choice Award winner, and five-time Colorado Romance Writer’s Award of Excellence winner. , winner of the Heart of Excellence Award and winner of the Booksellers Best Award.

BookThe Best Of Me
AuthorSharon Sala
Size3.4 MB

The Best Of Me Book PDF download for free

The Best Of Me Book PDF download for free

There is never a dull moment in Blessings, Georgia:

An orphaned girl desperately needs a new home.
An eager couple is ready to welcome you with open arms.
Friendly neighbors are always there for each other
Good things happen to good people in this small southern town
Ruby Butterman and her husband Ella Peanut are unable to have children, but are given a second chance at a family when eight-year-old orphan Carlie remains in her care. Adjusting to a new city, school and family is challenging for Carlie, and when she gets bullied at school, Ruby and Peanut figure out how to thrive as parents and a forever family for her beloved girl.

No summer reading list is complete without a deep, hopeful, and exciting small-town romance from Sharon Sala!

“Sharon Sala’s Blessings, Georgia series is full of unforgettable charm and delight” – ROBYN CARR, #1 New York Times bestselling author

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The Best Of Me Book Pdf Download

As a grand finale, this final book of Blessings, George left nothing to chance. A second-chance romance, a man’s redemption, a girl experiences pain and loss, and the mainstays of the series fulfill her heart’s desire. After thirteen books, I mourn the end of a nostalgic, heartwarming, small-town series that stood strong from start to finish.

The thirteenth in the Blessings series, Georgia, The Best of Me introduces a new partner for a second-chance romance, but also culminates in Ruby’s story of finally having a child of her own. In a way, she can be independent, but I recommend that she connects correctly with the world and the characters.

The story begins with a moment of grabbing the tissue box and then gradually progresses from sadness to hope and happiness, as you would expect in this series. Segen, Georgia is a dream world with small-town southern charm that doesn’t really exist but you wish was there. People have their weaknesses, but in general this town comes together when one of them or a visitor is in need.

The main story is divided into two parts. There is the arrival of little Carlie Durvoy, whose mother dies upon her arrival, leaving her precious little girl in Ruby’s capable hands. Ruby and Peanut have found love and happiness, but they’re childless and more than ready to step up and be what Carlie needs. Carlie’s childhood pain and fears are there, and Ruby and Peanut do whatever they can to help her deal with them. Meanwhile, in Little Rock, AR, where Carlie is descended from a man who was considering Carlie’s guardianship and life insurance payout, her own story continues.

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The subplot that takes center stage with Carlie, Ruby, and Peanut’s story is a second-chance romance. Ladd and Deborah were teenage sweethearts until Ladd went to college and got the idea that Deborah was just a teenage relationship and it wasn’t meant to last. It’s only after she’s gone as a top vet and he’s working on her architecture major that she realizes she’s ruined a good thing. Fate brings them both back to Blessings and the neighboring family farms, and a dangerous event forces them to come together and face the past.

Anyone who has followed the series knows that these books often have a few plot lines at a time and have small comments about blessings with the regular cast of characters. I got used to and enjoyed this way of telling the story of people, relationships and events that makes the small town element almost a character in its own right.

Characters have flaws and work through them, but most of the drama is external, so the angst is relatively low. There is a bit of spice to romance and most close sexual encounters. Sometimes there are big events where members of the town come together to help each other. In this case, the event is the death of Carlie’s mother, followed by some serious accidents that happen to others like Ladd. There is always the certainty that everything will work out in the end, which makes this and the other series a great read.

Overall, I was very emotionally invested, not only because it was the last book, but also because of Carlie’s grief, the Buttermans working to adopt, and the second-chance romance. Sweet gentle, nostalgic, small-town romances make this a book and series I have no hesitation in recommending.

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This is the last in the Blessings, GA series, and oh my heart, this amazing storyteller closes it out with a bang! Blessing stories always touch my heart, but this one made me cry from the start. Seriously, get the tissues. This reminds several times of the hydraulic works with an unforgettable and moving reading.

Ruby and Peanut Butterman (The Color of Love) are fixed on Blessings. He is the only lawyer in town and she owns the only hair salon. They found their life together forever, but were never able to form the family they both wanted. When a blast from the past shows at police station, Ruby and Peanut get the call. Eight-year-old Carlie Duroy is now an orphan, with a letter from her mother asking Ruby to take care of Carlie.

Little Carlie couldn’t be in better hands, not only do Ruby and Peanut claim her as their own, but almost the entire town of Blessings welcomes her with open arms. She finds an unexpected ally in young Melvin Lee Wilson, and their friendship couldn’t be more valuable. With all that Carlie has lost, Blessings and her people slowly mend her broken heart.

Devastatingly heartbreaking and hauntingly beautiful, this extraordinary story and its extraordinary characters are seared into my soul. A masterful and moving story of love, loss and found family that will leave a lasting impression on your heart. Sweet, deep, emotional and magical, this is the perfect ending to a unique and special series that you must see!

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