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The Blue Umbrella book pdf download for free or read online, also The Blue Umbrella pdf was written by Ruskin Bond.

Ruskin Bond is a noted Indian author, particularly known for his children’s fiction. He has written over 300 short stories, essays, and novels.

His other novels are A Flight of Pigeons, Angry River, Vagrants in the Valley, The India I Love, and Roads to Mussoorie. Some of his short story collections are The Night Train at Deoli, A Town Called Dehra and Tigers Forever.

He was born in 1934 in Kasauli and spent most of his childhood in Jamnagar, Shimla and Dehradun. He went to Bishop Cotton School in Shimla and graduated there with several literary awards. Thereafter, he went to England and began work on his first novel, The Room on the Roof, which won him the John Llewellyn Rice Award. He returned to India and worked as a journalist for some time before moving to Mussoorie for good.

He received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1992 and the prestigious Padma Shri Award in 1999. He has also written two autobiographies, such as Scenes from A Writer s Life and Rain in the Mountains. A Flight of Pigeons and his short story Susanna’s Seven Husbands were also adapted into the films Junoon and 7 Khoon Maaf, respectively.

BookThe Blue Umbrella
AuthorRuskin Bond
Size402 KB

The Blue Umbrella Book PDF download for free

The Blue Umbrella Book PDF download for free

Ruskin Bond Blue Umbrella ️❤️

Children’s books are the best way to get lessons and in a fun way too. I wish our education system was this fun.

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This 83 page novella is the story of a young Binya who lives with her mother and her brother in a mountain village in Garhwal. One day she saw a beautiful blue silk umbrella and wanted to keep it for herself. She’s ready to ditch her lucky leopard claw pendant instead of an umbrella. She always carries this beautiful blue umbrella with her everywhere. The people in her town also admire this umbrella because they have never seen such a beautiful umbrella before. There are some who envy him, but the most envious is an old man Ram Bharosa, the merchant. He wants to achieve it by any means.

What happens next for the love of the beautiful blue parasol is told in a humorous way. Sacrifice can be seen in characters that were never expected and redemption is also seen in characters that were never expected.

The book is set in beautiful Garhwal, the natural beauty of the village is presented in the simplest way your heart will desire to see the place. The simple village life is described in such a sweet way that you want peace in your life in the hustle and bustle around you. The characters are described in a moving way.

The book will make you feel at peace, austerity, self-righteousness, joy, bliss, and with a sense of all things good.

This 83-page book has a lot of heart. Read this book for those moments of light that we see in our daily mundane lives and feel the sudden rush of happiness and contentment.

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The Blue Umbrella Book Pdf Download

A delightful lesson that can be finished in one sitting, The Blue Umbrella is a must-read in children’s literature. With excellent illustrations by Trevor Stubby, this book is both instructive and entertaining, offering real-life lessons without preaching. The human aspect is clearly highlighted in this simple but surprisingly beautiful and profound text.

The fact that this version has beautiful illustrations works wonders. And they will be especially good because they will appeal to children and, in return, make them interested enough to read. The language used is really simple and easy to understand and I also really like the real life teachings about feelings and values ​​and the importance of relationships that this book portrays. Also, since it’s only 83 pages and that too, including the pictures, it was a very quick read and would definitely encourage kids to read it.

Certainly for elementary school students as well as early middle graders. It can be easily enjoyed even by adults who want to return to the simplicity of childhood.

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