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The Bride book pdf download for free or read online, also The Bride pdf was written by Julie Garwood.

Julie Garwood is the author of the numerous New York Times bestsellers. The most recent, WIRED, came in at number 2. With over 36 million copies in print, his novels transport you from the rugged clans of medieval Scotland to the mind of a modern day computer hacker, all with his trademark humor mixed with a healthy dose of romance and suspense.

BookThe Bride
AuthorJulie Garwood
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The Bride Book PDF download for free

The Bride Book PDF download for free

By decree of the king, the powerful Scottish laird Alec Kincaid must take an English bride. His choice falls on Jamie, the youngest daughter of Baron Jamison, a vivacious, violet-eyed beauty. Alec longs to touch her, tame her, own her… forever. But Jamie has vowed never to give in to a man she thinks is a highland barbarian.

Alec is everything Jamie’s heart warned him about: an arrogant villain whose rugged looks speak of wild joys. As Kincaid’s searing kisses ignite her blood, she is determined to resist him… until a moment of ecstasy suppresses her conflict of wills and something far more dangerous than desire threatens to overwhelm her senses…

The Bride Book Pdf Download

This is one of my favorite books of all time and I reread it often! It has all the elements I like in a historical romance (or any other romance): interesting, fast-moving plot; funny and likeable characters; smoky goodness… and this one delivers across the board: TRIFECTA!

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Jamie is the youngest daughter of an English baron who was ordered to allow 2 Highland Lairds to choose brides from among his 4 daughters. Despite being the baby, Jamie is actually the more adept daughter and takes the lead in caring for her older sisters and father. She does this because she loves her and feels it is her duty; She never questioned why.

And she likes her life the way it is: She has the freedom to learn archery and bareback riding, as well as other activities that most women are not, as she is the favorite of the stable master, an when he learns his sisters will barbarian highlanders marry, he is horrified but believes the weddings will be in name only so he tries to welcome their daughters and keep it much more dramatic. Sisters as quietly as possible until they choose their wives and move on.

Alec is the laird of the Kincaid clan. He was previously married to another woman chosen by his king, and he did his duty for both of them; However, his first wife ended her own life shortly after their marriage. Though he has felt guilty ever since, he knows he must remarry to please his king, and travels with his friend, neighboring laird Daniel Ferguson, who is also on assignment, to a bride among the daughters of an English baron Find.

As distasteful as they both find the English, they are pleasantly surprised to find women who don’t repel them, but when Alec announces his intention to marry Jamie, she is shocked and distraught to be snatched from her home later that day, to travel back with her. into the wilderness of Scotland with her new barbarian husband, leaving everything she knows and loves behind.

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While Alec admires his new wife’s beauty and spirit, he believes she is “just a woman” that will take very little time and require little effort. Jamie is determined to show her that she can be so much more. The two engage in a battle of wills in which Jamie promises to prove to Alec that she is worthy of his love and companionship. But the same mysterious figure who tried to eliminate Alec’s first wife is determined to rid the clan of their new wife… Will Alec give him his heart before it’s too late when Jamie is threatened, or will he lose them too? ?

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