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The Butcher book pdf download for free or read online, also The Butcher pdf was written by L. Wilder.

Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller L. Wilder writes about attractive alpha males and the women who love them. He currently has five series available to readers: The Devil Chaser’s MC, Satan’s Fury MC, Satan’s Fury MC-Memphis, Redemption Series, Happy Endings Collection, and Ruthless Sinners MC. If he’s looking for a book that will keep him hooked and end up smiling like a schoolgirl, L. Wilder is the author for you.

BookThe Butcher
AuthorL. Wilder
Size1.4 MB

The Butcher Book PDF download for free

The Butcher Book PDF download for free

Billy the Butcher will delight readers with forgiveness, mended hearts, and second chances.
The Butcher is a standalone romance with no cliffhangers and NO catches.

The Butcher Book Pdf Download

Thrill from start to finish, this is the kind of story that I think has always defined why L. Wilder has such great MC romances. This is not a long book – the author focuses on the important details that drive the story forward and set a great pace for the story. He also develops fantastic characters. Butcher Billy is a cleaner for several MCs, including the Ruthless Sinners.

I like how they exist in a gray area: they’re not the good guys, but they’re definitely not the bad guys (and in this case, they’re up against a pretty bad guy: DeLuca, who kidnapped Everleigh and forced her to work for him, under threat of death for his father (who gambled and lost the money he borrowed from DeLuca.) Billy and Everleigh find themselves in dire circumstances when Billy was doing a job for DeLuca and found Everleigh after DeLuca shot him and presumed he had dead all around him. The inclusion of some of my favorite Ruthless Sinners characters makes this story even better – what an amazing world this author has created. Looking forward to the next one!

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A mysterious man with a tightly sealed heart, Billy “the Butcher” seemed to have his life well planned with secrets and questionable facts. As a man of few words, it was hard to name Billy, but his interactions were definitely intriguing and remarkable. Much of what he felt was left unsaid, allowing the implications of his actions to go either way, making him an extremely interesting character, and the only thing one could pin down about Billy was his love and devotion to his daughter and memory his late wife. As a performance driven by logic, his surrender to the call of his heart was a major twist.

Everleigh was a victim of circumstance, whose entire life was extinguished by the whim and greed of an evil man. Seeing her not give up hope and/or give up in her struggle to escape her captivity was inspiring and showed her strength. Smart and confident, Everleigh was someone not to be underestimated and she proved to be a great match for Billy.

When Everleigh burst into Billy’s scene, all her trapped emotions gradually released and no one was more surprised than Billy. This was a great display to see a man who shared very little and made no concessions when he was faced with the last thing he thought he wanted but ultimately really needed, someone to give his heart to. This couple gingerly danced around their mutual interest, aware of the possible consequences of acting on their attraction, out of a slow burn of desire and fear that gradually heated to full steam as it went.

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As expected from this author, the action in this story was fast-paced and top notch. Ms. Wilder knows action and suspense and she doesn’t hold back. Her ability to effortlessly combine love stories with well-crafted overall suspense components makes her works engaging on multiple levels and always eagerly awaited by her large readership.

L. Wilder always finds a way to draw her audience in with characters that exist in gray. The ambiguity of it leaves its audience with a lot of emotions to sort through and find some of the most interesting portrayals out there. Moral dilemmas are her forte and she leaves no corner unresolved. With powerful writing full of emotion and no shortage of personal demons, Ms. Wilder keeps her readers glued to her every word. Butcher was the perfect addition to the Ruthless Sinner family and readers will love him!

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