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The Candid Life Of Meena Dave book pdf download for free or read online, also The Candid Life Of Meena Dave pdf was written by Namrata Patel.

Namrata Patel is an Indian-American writer living in Boston. His writing explores the diaspora, the dual cultural identity among Indian Americans, and explores this dynamic while touching both: the family we were born into and the family we choose. Namrata has lived in India, Spokane, London and the New York City.

Namrata has been writing for most of her adult life and loves to create relatable and aspiring characters. His heroines range from calm to kick-ass and his heroes are swoon, if a little flawed.

Namrata is represented by Sarah Younger at the Nancy Yost Literary Agency.

BookThe Candid Life Of Meena Dave
AuthorNamrata Patel
Size1.7 MB

The Candid Life Of Meena Dave Book PDF download for free

The Candid Life Of Meena Dave Book PDF download for free

Meena Dave is a photojournalist and nomad. With no family, no permanent residence or long-term relationships, he prefers to see the world from afar through the lens of his camera. But Meena’s lonely life is turned upside down when she unexpectedly inherits an apartment in a Victorian brownstone in Boston’s historic Back Bay.

Though Meena has the impulse to sell it and move on, she decides to use her journalistic instincts to follow the story that led her to a stranger’s house. It’s a mystery that comes with a series of hidden clues, a trio of curious Indian aunties and a handsome next-door neighbor.

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For Meena, it’s an opportunity for new friendships, community and culture that she never thought possible. And a window into his past that he never expected.

Now, with everything unknown revealed to Meena, she must come to terms with who she wants to be and who she really is.

The Candid Life Of Meena Dave Book Pdf Download

What can I say about The Candid Life of Meena Dave, what an interesting read in terms of discovering and understanding history, lore, family, friendship and self-discovery…

As Meena Dave unravels the mystery of why a complete stranger would leave her an apartment in a Grade II listed building filled with love, pride, family and traditions.

When she finds out about the broads, the cute boy next door, and the mysterious lady who left her these clues about who she is and where she’s from… Meena begins to feel like she really belongs somewhere after not having. done. she truly felt at home since her home was violently destroyed in an explosion that took the only family she knew and loved…

I want to congratulate Namrata Patel for her images and her vision while telling this story, especially when she introduces us to the aunts and the pride in tradition… I loved the food they prepare and it is full of so many different flavors that tempt your senses …as you read, it’s like the scent bounces off the pages and your mouth waters as you taste the way they take Meena under their wing and the way they support Sam dealing with his own family problems… the culture behind this story makes this
a pleasure to read.

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There were some points in this book that were overly dramatic, like the over-the-top fight between Meena and one of the aunts and all the reconciliation that takes place at the end. Reading this story about the fears of being pregnant at a young age, giving a child up for adoption, keeping a secret and getting the child back after working so hard to forget that part of your life…

I don’t get it and I can’t relate , but I feel in the struggle as well as I was the child that her birth mother didn’t want and finally hearing the truth was hard to read… but in the end when they found peace I wasn’t I’m not sure how I felt …Overall, I suggest you read it and find your own opinion about Meena Dave and explore your own feelings about yourself. Are you in a relationship with the aunts or Meena Dave or both?

The Candid Life of Meena Dave is a wonderful piece of contemporary fiction steeped in culture. It explores themes of family honor, self-identity, and belonging while blending humor, romance, and mystery in a beautifully told and characterful story of one woman’s journey into her past.

When a story is character-driven, it’s so much more fun when you enjoy the time you spend with the characters leading the story. In Meena Dave’s case, this was absolutely true. The book reads almost like a sitcom: a tenant’s reluctant move to a new apartment and his run-ins with his roommates lead to a shocking secret that shakes the entire building.

The season spans many episodes (chapters) where we meet each of the characters: the aunts, love interest Sam, and our main character Meena. I savored every moment spent with Meena in everyday life as she reluctantly (with the help of the previous tenant’s grave notes) embarks on her journey of self-discovery to find out why she inherited her apartment and where her place is. it is part of the whole inheritance. Her character is multiplied tenfold from start to finish as she confronts her past, she opens her heart and embraces the opportunity to finally have a place where she belongs.

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I loved all the culture and knowledge of India. I learned a lot from reading the book and felt like I was discovering new parts of a culture very similar to Meena’s during her time with the aunts. The story is comfortably paced and slow enough to fully immerse you in Meena’s culture and journey. You know the story has gotten to you when you miss your time with the characters once it’s over.

The Candid Life of Meena Dave will appeal to fans of women’s fiction and contemporary fiction, as well as anyone looking for an entertaining and enjoyable read with memorable characters.

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