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The Chemistry Of Love book pdf download for free or read online, also The Chemistry Of Love pdf was written by Sariah Wilson.

BookThe Chemistry Of Love
AuthorSariah Wilson
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The Chemistry Of Love Book PDF download for free

The Chemistry Of Love Book PDF download for free

True love requires a little research and development in a hilarious and heartbreaking romance from Sariah Wilson, bestselling author of The Paid Bridesmaid.

How does Anna Ellis, a geeky, brilliant, and hopelessly in love cosmetic chemist, win over Craig Kimball, the man of her dreams who also happens to be her boss? The answer is Marco, the sharp-eyed (and handsome) half-brother of Craig’s CEO. The makeup mogul knows Craig for the ridiculously competitive rival that he is. Whatever Marco has, Craig wants. This can be Anna if she feels like it.

All Anna and Marco have to do is pretend they’re falling in love and let the rumors fly. If the attraction experiment works, a jealous Craig will rush in and give Anna happily ever after, if only there weren’t a downside to the plan. Marco has more to offer than meets the eye. With each wrong date, Anna’s feelings become dizzyingly real.

The Chemistry Of Love Pdf Download

The chemistry is to blame. It’s unpredictable, exciting, and occasionally combustible. If Anna and Marco really do fall in love, who are they to argue with science?

I love everything Sariah Wilson writes and when I was able to read this book I read it in one day and I loved it! I loved Anna and Marco’s jokes! While I don’t like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings or any of those types of genre movies, books, games, etc. I absolutely appreciate that the author was able to write about it, although my eyes did light up that I didn’t. I don’t understand the characters they were talking about, BUT I think Sariah did a great job of letting me understand the meaning of those characters to some degree.

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There were a few things that bothered me a bit (and I know it’s just a book!), but sometimes I wonder… Marco rented a car in Vermont, but a car picked up Marco and Anna to drive to the airport. . What happened to the rental car? Who returns the rental car??? These things are painful for me. If I could be on the team to read the author’s books to help spot things like this, I would volunteer!

The Chemistry of Love was a very fun book! I literally didn’t like Anna at the beginning of the book, because how the hell could a woman as smart as her be so unbelievably stupid with all the red flags her crush was openly waving? (because I refuse to call it love), but she absolutely makes me change my tone throughout the story. Adorable nerd? Lovely? Whatever you really want to call it, Anna is. Marco swooned so much and showed how he felt about her in so many little ways, the ways that matter. And those kisses? For science! I loved it all and I’m glad they found joy in putting their broken pieces together.

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