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The CO-OP book pdf download for free or read online, also The CO-OP pdf was written by Tarah DeWitt.

BookThe CO-OP
AuthorTarah DeWitt
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The CO-OP Book PDF download for free

The CO-OP Book PDF download for free

They say that love and construction do not mix.
According to this logic, hate and construction can also be condemned.

LaRynn Lavigne and Deacon Leeds had a brief and controversial summer fling when they were teenagers.
Certainly nothing to build on.

But a decade later, when their grandmothers bequeath them joint ownership of their dilapidated Santa Cruz building, they collide again and must figure out how to keep the pieces together.

LaRynn has the money, but in order to access her trust, she has to be married.
Deacon has the construction skills but lacks the funds.
An agreement is reached: marry for as long as it takes to put the property in order, make a profit, and break ties.

Thrust into a house with no walls, they quickly learn that it’s easy to hide behind emotional ones, even in a marriage. But with all the exposure and pitfalls of living with the opposite sex (and without the benefits), they also need to learn what it really means to work together as a team.

The Co-op is a gripping story of restoration and renewal, and the discovery of all the things that make up our characters. It’s about the never-ending construction project that is partnership and fun at every stage.

The CO-OP Book Pdf Download

A heartfelt (and funny) story of two people learning to love each other, sharp edges and all, while forgiving each other (and each other) for their past along the way. DeWitt’s voice is so unique, distinctive and unlike any other in contemporary romance. The metaphors and descriptions he uses are so unique that they have the ability to take me right to the heart of the story. I can see exactly what he is describing and feel every emotion he conveys along the way. I found myself highlighting entire pages throughout the book.

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I had a deep relationship with LaRynn and I’m not sure I’ve had that kind of relationship with any other character before. Not only were these characters so relatable, but oh my gosh, this was the most swoon-worthy book. I’m pretty sure I ended up highlighting entire pages because DeWitt’s words were so good. You could see the care with which he treated every aspect of this story. Not to mention the subtle Funny Feelings references that were spot on throughout.

Not only is DeWitt’s voice unique, but so is every story he brings to the world. Each offers combinations of tropes that he never knew he needed. I devoured Rootbound in 24 hours and it became an instant favorite, then I read Funny Feelings and thought nothing could top that experience, but The Co-Op has beaten them ever since.

The Co-Op is a story about finding someone to love you, sharp edges and all without having to polish yourself to make it more palatable. Loving you anyway, and that love in turn makes you try to be a better version of yourself, for her and for yourself. Get to know yourself through experimentation and don’t expect perfection.

I could never express in words how sincere this story is; my only feeling is that everyone needs to read it. I want to erase the story from my memory right now so I can go back to page one and experience it all over again for the first time. This one will stay with me for the rest of my life and I can’t wait to see what DeWitt comes up with next.

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I am so proud of you for bringing this beautiful story about two people learning to prove themselves in the world.

The cooperative has it all. Well-developed characters, believable dialogue, laugh-out-loud, well-written steam, beautiful prose… I really don’t think it will get any better, honestly. Definitely my favorite novel of the year, closely followed by Funny Feelings (also by Tarah!).

LaRynn and Deacon were flawed and pretty rough characters, but watching them melt into each other was just… ? That’s true love. They are two deeply flawed people who learn to love, forgive and fight and always find each other. Unique. Weather. ALL THE FEELINGS.

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