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The Devil’s Triangle book pdf download for free or read online, also The Devil’s Triangle pdf was written by Catherine Coulter.

Catherine Coulter is a New York Times bestselling author with 87 books. Her numerous historical romances have made her an icon of the genre and a must-read for readers around the world.

JT Ellison is the author of more than 25 New York Times and USA Today bestselling novels and co-host of the EMMY® Award-winning literary television show A WORD ON WORDS.

BookThe Devil’s Triangle
AuthorCatherine Coulter
Size1.7 MB

The Devil’s Triangle Book PDF download for free

The Devil's Triangle Book PDF download for free

FBI Special Agents Nicholas Drummond and Michaela Caine are the government’s undercover eyes, leading a team of carefully selected agents to fight both international and deadly crimes and criminals. But his first case threatens his young team when Fox calls for help from Venice.

Kitsune has stolen an incredible artifact from Istanbul’s Topkapi Museum, and now the client wants her dead. He has a warning for Nick and Mike: He’s heard that a devastating sandstorm in the Gobi desert that killed thousands in Beijing is not a natural phenomenon, it’s man-made. The Covert Eyes team travels to Venice, Italy to uncover the truth.

From New York to Venice and Rome to the Bermuda Triangle, Nicholas, Mike and their team are in a race against time – and nature itself – to stop a possessed family from ravaging Washington, DC.

The Devil’s Triangle Book Pdf Download

Catherine Coulters and J. T. Ellison’s involvement in a fast-paced mystery thriller is a chilling factor that will captivate readers from the first page and throughout the plot of THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE. Coulter and Ellison create an incredible adventure for the two leads, FBI agents Nicholas Drummond and Michaela (Mike) Caine. This unique team of agents and their carefully selected support team have been tasked with pursuing cases involving extraordinary circumstances.

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His story begins with the return of Kitsune, also known as the fox, who steals an artifact from the time of Moses. Instead of honoring the payment agreement for stealing the artifact, the people try to kill Kitsune at the delivery point and then kidnap her husband. The authors provide the backstory of Nickolas, Mike, and Kitsune’s relationships, including details of why Kitsune feels she might ask Nicholas for help.

The plot builds momentum, heightening intrigue and suspense with the introduction of supporting characters and subplots that keep readers on their toes as the danger to the team mounts. Nicholas, Mike and the Kitsune FBI team travel to Turkey and then to Venice to prosecute those responsible for the attempted murder of Kitsune and the kidnapping of her husband.

Events unfold so quickly that they leave readers breathless. Danger and the dead bodies seem around every corner. Coulter and Ellison continue to add new information about each of the main characters to keep readers interested. Readers follow Nicholas and Mike as their investigations uncover details that don’t seem possible. You will learn more about the abilities of the patriarch of the family of the evil adversary. The authors leave their readers in the dark about what happens next.

THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE features action, murder, out-of-this-world computer technology, romance, humor and justice for the good guys. Coulter and Ellison bring their story to life as Nicholas, Mike and Kitsune team up to thwart the antagonists’ plans to destroy cities and kill thousands. Suspense, emotion, and romance keep the story alive until the poignant ending. THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE is a book that readers will find hard to put down. Must be read.

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FBI agents Drummond and Caine, bosses of Covert Eyes, have been called in for help by Fox, an international thief. You’ve dealt with the fox before. Clients hired her to steal a biblical artifact. When she shows up to take her last payment and give them the item, they rip her off. Her clients try to kill her, but she manages to escape from her.

Before escaping, she heard information that she thinks Drummond and Caine should know. She also needs her help because her clients have kidnapped her husband to force her to come forward so they can kill her. When the identities of Fox’s clients are revealed, they discover that they are dealing with a series of crazy twins with sociopathic tendencies.

This is the fourth in the Brit in the FBI series and it makes a cold, windy day feel cozy. The story takes place primarily in Italy and the Bermuda Triangle, with plenty of action and a growing sense of team collaboration. I didn’t reread the previous books before I got this one, but the book quickly reminded me of all of them.

I liked the way the support team is developed, including the pilots and not just the 2D characters. In short, an enjoyable read with touches of Indiana Jones, the Bible, the Knights Templar and the Bermuda Triangle. I highly recommend this one, but if you can read the others to get a good background. Appreciate Adam who grew up out of the life of hacking and thanks to Catherine and JT for keeping MAX in a supporting role!

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