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The Do Over book pdf download for free or read online, also The Do Over pdf was written by Sharon M. Peterson.

Sharon M. Peterson was a high school teacher and has the personality to show it. One of her favorite quotes comes from Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath: “It was her habit to build up laughter out of inadequate materials.” She aspires to approach life this way and create characters that do the same. She lives in Washington with her husband and four children, including two children with autism. She has a cat, two dogs, a tattoo, and a severe fear of poodles (don’t ask). She’s usually hunched over her computer, creating characters and stories that she hopes you’ll love as much as she does.

BookThe Do Over
AuthorSharon M. Peterson
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The Do Over Book PDF download for free

The Do Over Book PDF download for free

It took the most humiliating breakup for me to realize that my life was in serious need of recalibration. Cue my anti-New Years resolutions that even I can’t fail:
stop dating (Men are the worst.)
Stop losing weight. (I never give up chocolate.)
stop working so hard (Selling mortgages is not my dream career).
Stop trying to live up to unrealistic expectations. (Start living my best life.)
Stop trying to please my mother. (It’s not possible.)

But number five turns out to be harder than I thought when he starts his campaign to get me back with my ex. So what is the perfect solution to keep her out of my love life? An imaginary friend, at least it was supposed to be imaginary until I blurted out my neighbor’s name…

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Nate, the bad boy next door with gorgeous hazel eyes, a sharp chin, and a mysterious scar, may be sexy, but he’s definitely not my boyfriend. Now all I have to do is stick to my resolutions while keeping my troubled family away from my nonexistent lover who has no idea we’re fake dating. What could go wrong?

The Do Over Book Pdf Download

This is a book that really makes you laugh out loud and then tugs at your emotions, makes you think, makes you cry and then makes you laugh again…sometimes on the same page. Perci is such a beautifully drawn character and you can’t help but root for her the moment she’s dropped on the radio.

Your grandmother is a delight, everyone needs a grandmother like that! -and the entire cast of characters just grabs you and makes you want to keep reading, including Nate, who’s cute beneath her tough exterior, and the lovable Lilah. If you are a fan of Kristan Higgins, you will love this book. I would highly recommend it and can’t wait for Sharon’s next one!

This was a great debut novel for Sharon M. Peterson. I didn’t know it was a sweet romance until I started, but the story was really good and it made up for the spice. This is not a typical love story and is more about self-discovery, some characters actually found each other throughout the book.

She really loved Perci, she has an overbearing mother she never seems good enough for, but a grandmother and a best friend who make up for it and help her find her way. The book begins with a list of anti-resolutions that she makes with Matthias (her best friend) because her mother is always trying to get her better and Matthias wants her to realize that she is already perfect, just like she is.

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This also follows her colleague/her boyfriend breaking up with her in a very embarrassing way. The list includes things like not trying to lose weight, not dating, and not trying to please her mother. I loved seeing Perci learn to stand up for herself and do things because she enjoyed them even if they upset her family.

Nate was also a great character. He was so very sweet and I always swoon over the single dad trope. He loved Perci from the start, even if she constantly made a fool of herself and could never say the right thing.

Mimi really stole the show for me. This woman was everything I hope to be. She is a Spitfire and a great role model for her granddaughters, not caring what others think and always singing to her own tune. Every chapter starts with a line from her and they were all hilarious. My two favorites were: “When life gives you lemons, give them back and ask for grapes.” Grapes can be made into wine” and “Three can keep a secret if you’re willing to murder two of them” but I could have listed 15 more, they were fantastic.

To be honest, he still hated her mother at the end of the book. I think he tried to change but he really hurt Perci and I’m not sure if it was enough for me. I would have preferred her mother to constantly come over and Perci to ignore her calls rather than the other way around, although I think Perci is the greatest person.

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