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The Duke Heist book pdf download for free or read online, also The Duke Heist pdf was written by Erica Ridley.

BookThe Duke Heist
AuthorErica Ridley
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The Duke Heist Book PDF download for free

The Duke Heist Book PDF download for free

Chloe Wynchester is completely forgotten, a curse that gives her the ability to blend in with any crowd. When the only father she’s ever known of hers desperately wants her foster family of orphans to retrieve a lost painting, she’s the first to contact her siblings to steal it. No one expects her to kidnap a handsome duke in the process.

Lawrence Gosling, Duke of Faircliffe, is haunted by his father’s mistakes. To restore the ruined reputation of his estate, he must marry a high-born heiress. But when he finds himself in a carriage driven through the cobbled streets of London by a beautiful woman who refuses to follow her orders, he fears her heart belongs to him. But how can he sacrifice her family’s heritage to pursue true love?

The Duke Heist Book Pdf Download

I’m glad I read the prequel because this book doesn’t reveal the one-sided crush Chloe has had on Lawrence while watching him make political speeches in the Parliament penthouse over the years. Only after Bean died and Lawrence refused correspondence or personal conversations about the stolen painting did she consider him a pompous asshole.

I think it’s important to understand that Chloe already had Lawrence’s heart broken even before this book begins. The kind of heartbreak that occurs when someone you care about lets you down for being too human and not particularly appreciative.

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As far as this book goes, the characters are not only well-written, they are also exceptionally well-written. In truth, you won’t find more charming or witty dialogue in any historical romance novel, especially Great-Aunt Wynchester. And the Wynchester clan is so charmingly eccentric and fabulous that it will make you smile. If so, they deserve the BEST partner for their HEAs.

I think I’ll have to go back and re-read the prequel because I don’t remember the Wynchesters being social outcasts. Perhaps not as hot-headed as a duke, but they were treated – in this novel – as if they were degenerates of some importance. And it’s this hatred of society and the severely drained coffers of Lawrence (the Duke) that makes him an anti-hero in my opinion, and one of the reasons I can’t give 5 stars.

The simple fact is that Lawrence didn’t have the qualities that I think are necessary for a satisfying hero. He was nice to his servants and those in his position, but he had to be kicked and yelled at to get Chloe to agree, and even then he does the unthinkable towards the end (before changing course).

He did not have enough confidence and personal influence as a duke to determine what was acceptable in society. And although he had a business perspective, the only thing he considered was that the seed capital would have to come from marrying a rich heiress. All understandable. But a hero finds a way to overcome it. Perhaps he will sell all the items in his library? And maybe it’s unfair to Lawrence that I think he’s weak, but that’s the way it is.

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Chloe is fantastic. She is the glue that holds her family together and if she were a man she would be a deputy and the best in the world. I had a hard time accepting that she was “invisible”, especially towards the end, but I can get over my skepticism and enjoy the character of her.

I look forward to the rest of the books. And I also look forward to Lawrence becoming a person that I will eventually respect. I trust that we will see him and Chloe in the next few episodes.

The Duke Heist is the first in a series of books that follows a group of adopted children during the Regency era. Considering the time it’s set, the kids of Wynchester are considered less than adopted, add their slightly wild nature, and they’re the talk of the town, and not in a good way.

I loved this book and can’t wait to read the next in the series. Erica Ridley definitely takes a more modern approach to storytelling, but in a great way. Chloe is a really strong female lead, she struggles with who she is but in such a relatable way, and Lawrence has such growth throughout the book that I just love him.

All the characters, including non-family supporting characters, are very well developed, the story is well thought out, and the writing is fantastic. Despite being a light-hearted story, it still tackles some more serious issues. It’s witty, funny, and romantic in the best way.

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