Download The End Of October [PDF] By Lawrence Wright

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The End Of October book pdf download for free or read online, also The End Of October pdf was written by Lawrence Wright.

Lawrence Wright (born August 2, year 1947) is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, screenwriter, staff writer for The New Yorker magazine, and fellow at the Center for Law and Security at New York University School of Law. .

BookThe End Of October
AuthorLawrence Wright
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The End Of October Book PDF download for free

The End Of October Book PDF download for free

In a detention center in Indonesia, 47 people with acute hemorrhagic fever are declared dead. When epidemiologist Henry Parsons travels there to investigate on behalf of the World Health Organization, his findings will have devastating repercussions.

On the other side of the world, the Deputy Director of Homeland Security struggles to find an answer to the rapidly spreading pandemic that she believes may be the result of an act of biological warfare. And a renegade experimenter of man-made diseases concocts his own terrifying solution.

As already strained global relations begin to unravel, the virus ravages the United States, destroying institutions and decimating the population. With his own wife and children facing diminishing odds of survival, Henry travels from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia to his CDC home base in Atlanta in search of a cure and the origins of this seemingly unknown disease.

Filled with real-life political and scientific implications, The End of October is a unique thriller packed with the insights that are the hallmark of Wright’s acclaimed nonfiction and the narrative tension that only the best fiction can deliver.

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The End Of October Book PDF download for free

Lawrence Wright’s novel was released just as COVID-19 was wreaking havoc around the world, so it’s no surprise that the book was marketed as a pandemic thriller. Of course it is, but only partially. More specifically, The End of October is a story of human madness and humanity’s self-destructive tendencies. The action takes place in the course of a vicious pandemic far deadlier than COVID-19. But it is also about war and the fanatical men and women who justify their persecution in the name of ideology.

An epidemiologist stars in this pandemic thriller

The protagonist of The End of October is Henry Parsons, an eminent epidemiologist who is associate director for infectious diseases at the Centers for Disease Control. His colleagues know him as the brilliant doctor who nipped Ebola in the bud. To his wife and children, he is a loving husband and father who travels too often to the world’s hotspots in search of emerging diseases. And one of those new diseases, a new strain of influenza, is taking Henry from a WHO meeting in Geneva to a detention center in Indonesia, where young people are dying at an alarming rate. Thus begins the story of the Kongoli pandemic.

A novel with a global perspective.

Wright deftly shifts the scene from place to place around the world and back and forth in time. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. The White House Situation Room. A small farm in Tennessee. Peoples of the Brazilian Amazon. Mecca during the Hajj. A submarine under the sea. And a laboratory in the Russian Arctic. Henry desperately chases the disease as he escapes quarantine and wipes out the human population. Hundreds of millions die and the order imposed by civilization begins to crumble.

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Meanwhile, in the White House Situation Room, groundbreaking developments in the Middle East threaten war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Russia and the United States will inevitably be involved when the conflict breaks out. And Henry, fresh from the Congolese persecution during the Hajj in Mecca, was desperate to flee Saudi Arabia when the rockets began to fly.

Every disease “has a survival strategy”

Wright displays his skill as an investigative reporter when he chronicles Henry Parson’s search for Kongoli. “Diseases can arise from many different sources,” he writes that, “including the viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi, amoebas, toxins, protozoa, and the prions, and each has a survival strategy.” . However, Kongoli is really nothing like the COVID-19 coronavirus. Your R0 is higher and the mortality rate is really dramatically higher. 45 percent of those infected with Kongoli die.

Consequently, the new influenza is proving to be only the fourth pandemic in recorded history, killing a significant percentage of the world’s population. The first was the plague of Justinian in the sixth century, which killed fifty million people. The second was the Black Death, which claimed the lives of up to 200 million people worldwide. The third, of course, was the so-called Spanish flu, which killed 50 to 100 million. So this book is more than a pandemic thriller. Wright also reveals the historical context.

“Nature is never fully tamed”

As Wright reminds us that, “We believe that nature is no match for the human ingenuity and that the nature can be tamed. Pompeii reminds us that the incomparable savagery of nature can never be fully tamed.” The same goes for the pandemic that we are witnessing as I write.

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