Download The Enigma Of Room 622 [PDF] By Joël Dicker

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The Enigma Of Room 622 book pdf download for free or read online, also The Enigma Of Room 622 pdf was written by Joël Dicker.

Joël Dicker was born in Geneva in year 1985, where he studied law. In May 2017 his novel THE BALTIMORE BOYS, which has already caused a sensation in Europe and is number one in several countries, will be published in English for the first time.

BookThe Enigma Of Room 622
AuthorJoël Dicker
Size2.9 MB

The Enigma Of Room 622 Book PDF download for free

The Enigma Of Room 622 Book PDF download for free

An exhausted writer’s retreat to a swanky Swiss hotel is interrupted by crime fiction in this meticulously crafted metafictional crime thriller from New York Times bestselling author The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair.

A writer named Joël, Switzerland’s most important novelist, flees to the Hôtel de Verbier, a luxury resort in the Swiss Alps. Disheartened by a recent breakup and the death of his former publisher, Joël hopes for peace. But his plans quickly go awry. It all starts with a seemingly innocuous detail: there is no room 622 in Verbier.

Soon, Joël and his traveling companion, Scarlett, discover an unsolved murder that took place in room 622 of the hotel. The accompanying circumstances: the successor to the largest Swiss private bank, a mysterious counterintelligence called P-30 and a notorious sabotage of the hotel.

Hospitality. A European phenomenon, The Riddle of Room 622 is a Matryoshka doll full of intrigue, as precise as a Swiss watch and Dicker’s fiendishly addictive thriller to date.

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The Enigma Of Room 622 Book Pdf Download

Joël is Switzerland’s most renowned novelist. Plan a getaway at the Hôtel de Verbier, a luxury resort in the Swiss Alps. He had a recent breakup and is mourning the loss of his longtime editor. Joël hopes for peace. However, his plans quickly change. It starts with a seemingly strange detail: there is no room 622 in Verbier.

Soon after, Joël and another guest, Scarlett, discover an unsolved case that took place in room 622 of the hotel. It has everything to do with the succession of the largest private bank in Switzerland, a mysterious counterintelligence dubbed the P-30 and the sabotage of the hotel industry.

Firstly the murder happens on my birthday and I love that haha! I didn’t know this book was an English translation, but I found the story fascinating! I enjoy reading translated stories from different perspectives. I find it well written and captivating. I felt transported into this world with which I have little experience. The timeline jumps around a bit so I definitely had to pay attention to what was going on. The book was on the long page.

The parts about choosing the new president of the bank were a bit slow for me. I understand that there is politics that goes into choosing a successor and that people tend to get greedy and want to be the next president. So he played a role in the assassination, but the process of choosing his successor took some time.

I was more interested in the Joël and the Scarlett solving the mystery of the room 622. Anastasia and Lev were also really interesting characters for me. Story-wise, I think it could have been a bit tighter. Some of it ended up feeling a bit repetitive and I wanted them to find the killer faster. I did enjoy the twists though.

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Dicker built an intricately planned mystery that fits together like a series of Russian dolls. He himself is a fictional character about a murder in the title room of a Swiss mountain hotel. It moves back and forth in time, altering readers’ expectations and placing them in a context that changes all assumptions. There is a large group of suspects and revealing the killer is just another twist.

He’s just smart and very resourceful. That means I didn’t connect to the story. That rarely happens to me, I was in the action, I needed to know what was going to happen and I didn’t see many of the twists. Some required a significant exposure to disbelief, so that may have been my problem. My other issue was connecting with the characters. Especially at the end you have such a twist that it seems unbelievable. But I was also involved with them, which sometimes made me switch allegiances in the middle of a chapter.

I found some repetitive parts and maybe it could have been a bit shorter. So I’m stuck to write this review because this is a novel that I really enjoyed, but not quite. The best way I can really describe it is that it engaged my brain but left my heart cold. Even if the last part including the end of the book is probably one of the most beautiful sentences I have ever read. I think this is literature masquerading as popcorn fiction.

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