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The Girl Who Wrote In Silk book pdf download for free or read online, also The Girl Who Wrote In Silk pdf was written by Kelli Estes.

Kelli Estes is the author of WE GO HOME and the USA Today bestseller THE GIRL WHO WROTE IN SILK. Kelli grew up in apple country, Washington State (Cowiche/Yakima) before attending Arizona State University. While she loved the desert, she quickly learned that she loved big bodies of water even more, so after graduating she moved to Seattle.

Today she lives with her husband and two children in a suburb of Seattle (Woodinville). When she’s not writing history or researching, she loves to travel, hike and generally be outdoors. Connect with Kelli at or

BookThe Girl Who Wrote In Silk
AuthorKelli Estes
Size1.9 MB

The Girl Who Wrote In Silk Book PDF download for free

The Girl Who Wrote In Silk Book PDF download for free

A historical novel inspired by true events, Kelli Este’s bright and atmospheric debut is a moving tale of two women determined to do what is right, and elevates the power of our own stories.

The smallest objects can hold centuries of secrets…

While exploring her aunt’s island estate, Inara Erickson is intrigued by an intricately sewn piece of fabric hidden around the house. The truth behind the silk sleeve dates back to 1886 when Mei Lien, the sole survivor of a cruel Chinese purge in Seattle, found refuge on Orcas Island and shared her tragic experience by embroidering it.

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As Inara unraveled layer by layer the centuries-old mysteries within the sheath, her life intertwined with that of Mei Lein. Through the stories Mei Lein tells on Silk, Inara discovers a tragic truth that will shake her family to the core and force them to make an impossible decision. Should she shame her family and risk everything by telling the truth, or should she tell no one and dishonor Mei Lien’s memory?

The Girl Who Wrote in Silk is a touching and tender book for fans of Marie Benedict, Susanna Kearsley and Duncan Jepson. reach implications.

The Girl Who Wrote In Silk Book Pdf Download

The Girl Who Wrote on Silk by Kelli Estes is a fascinating read. From the prologue onwards, I wanted to know the fate of Mei Lien, a Chinese-American teenager whose father subjects her to seemingly ruthless cruelty. Only when I read on did I realize that the father had acted out of desperation and love.

The novel follows Mei Lien in the year 1880s and Inara Erickson in the present. The locations are the same: Seattle and Orcas Island off the Pacific coast of Washington. Both women lived or stayed at what is known in modern times as the Rothesay Estate on the island. Inara inherited the location from her aunt Dahlia, who was banished to the family vacation home from mainland Washington in the 1930s to avoid embarrassing the wealthy Shipowning family should Inara’s sexual orientation be revealed.

Of the two women’s stories, I liked reading Mei Lien’s best. He was unaware of the level of discrimination against Chinese immigrants and deportation efforts following the completion of the Intercontinental Railroad. The violence Mei Lien and her family faced was comparable to the treatment of Jews in Europe in the 1930s and the Jim Crow laws and lynchings against African Americans in the 1900s.

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Inara’s troubles pale in comparison, but her discovery of an intricately embroidered sleeve on the old estate she plans to turn into a destination hotel brings the secrets to light. Inara pulls up the sleeve of an expert in Washington who is a professor of Chinese history. He helps her investigate what the enigmatic but intriguing symbols on the sleeve might mean and when the embroidery might have been done.

Both Mei Lien and Inara suffered from the loss of their mothers at a young age, so the roles of fathers, grandmothers and aunts become more important. Inara’s father is hiding a deep family secret that nearly destroyed Inara. She is determined to make amends, but the delay has cost her dearly. (I’m intentionally vague about key plot points to avoid spoilers.)

In closing I would like to say that both women have love stories and I can’t believe this is Kelli Estes’ first novel. The Girl Who Wrote In Silk is so good.

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