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The Glow Up book pdf download for free or read online, also The Glow Up pdf was written by A.M. Johnson.

BookThe Glow Up
AuthorA.M. Johnson
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The Glow Up Book PDF download for free

The Glow Up Book PDF download for free

Chris Delaney

I promised myself that this will be the year I’ll finally buckle up. I’m a junior and I’ve decided to do a major. I have focus and determination. The only thing I haven’t figured out yet? How to deal with the massive crush I have for the guy in study six.

I don’t know his name and some of my friends think it’s time for him to move on, but he has this whole sexy, thoughtful, dark-eyed, messy thing that speaks for him. And yes, it seems it could be my polar opposite. The serious, aloof guy who doesn’t smile much, but I’d like to think he’s all sunshine beneath his boisterous expressions and disheveled demeanor. All that intense energy… I see.

i want to meet him

The rubbing?

I have to find the courage to introduce myself.


The college experience is meant to be partying, drinking and fun with a few co-ed classes. Sounds pretty amazing right? For me, it was endless lectures, avalanches of homework, and copious amounts of caffeine. The study could very well be my bedroom. And that guitar under my bed? Dust has been growing on it for two years. But this is the life I must lead if I am ever to help my father.

Pre-Med is not for the faint of heart.

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The problem? Loneliness holds me hostage.

If only I could find someone willing to break my ever-present cloud bank and remind me what it’s like to have fun again.

The Glow Up Book Pdf Download

With a lot of heart and soul, The Glow Up is simply wonderful. AM. Johnson shines once again at his outstanding storytelling, giving us a journey for Aiden Russo and Chris Delaney that he honestly didn’t want to end. This college-age romance brought me back to my own college days, when I was trying to get a good education while also finding time to relax.

Johnson does a pretty good job of portraying this period in Aiden and Chris’ lives as they are both trying to figure out what the future might be like after Franklin University and are unsure of their careers and career opportunities. Their first meeting is adorable in every way, although Aiden clearly didn’t think so. But after the embarrassing massage by therapy student Chris, the two reach for each other after the spark has definitely jumped between them.

I know what I love most about this book is that once again Johnson doesn’t let his characters play. That Chris and Aiden are as honest as they can be, and yet there are still obstacles that could thwart any chance of a relationship that finally works. Aiden’s personal issues are definitely at the forefront as he struggles to keep his father sober and on track, and to truly find what he wants to do in life. Chris mostly knows his stuff, but Aiden is certainly the wild card he was only hoping would get a chance to handle.

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Chris and Aiden have chemistry for days and that leads to extremely sexy dates that were beautiful and warm. How the two lose themselves in each other was perfectly staged, young love is a great thing. And it’s not just the physical that continues to attract the other. It’s the emotional bond they really can’t live without. The way Chris becomes Aiden’s balm while navigating everything on his plate is absolutely divine. Little did he realize that his calm demeanor was exactly what Aiden needed when the overworked medical student began to break out of his industrious demeanor. Their light-hearted banter and shared love of music solidified their couple and intensified their mutual adoration on so many levels.

Of course, both are a little reluctant to give everything to anyone else, especially Chris, who has been in love with his “science boy” for the last two years. But the fact that both men were willing to try whatever this relationship was and could be showed that they clearly knew the other was worth it.

The supporting characters were the proverbial icing on the cake, offering support, comic relief and advice whether Aiden and Chris wanted it or not. Drew, Tommy and the moms were great additions and kept our boys honest and on their toes. A lot of embarrassment at the hands of these well-meaning friends and family made me laugh out loud more than once and proved that Aiden and Chris were indeed very fortunate to be surrounded by love when they needed it most.

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The Glow Up is an enchanting love story that I will not soon forget. AM. As always, Johnson gave us his all, and the result is a book that is a top-notch M/M romance. I loved every word and happily give it 5 stars!

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