Download The Goalie Who Stole Christmas [PDF] By Cali Melle

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The Goalie Who Stole Christmas book pdf download for free or read online, also The Goalie Who Stole Christmas pdf was written by Cali Melle.

BookThe Goalie Who Stole Christmas
AuthorCali Melle
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The Goalie Who Stole Christmas Book PDF download for free

The Goalie Who Stole Christmas Book PDF download for free


After my mom was diagnosed with cancer last year, she got me and my brothers married.

Afraid that she is running out of time, she just wants to be here for all the milestones in our lives.

I’m the last one left, the one who doesn’t even have a girlfriend.

My family knows that my life is dedicated to hockey, but they keep pushing anyway.

The Goalie Who Stole Christmas Pdf Download

I can’t go to my brother’s wedding alone and deal with his disappointment.

Instead, I have to find someone to pose as my girlfriend for a week.

And Sydney Phillips is the perfect candidate…


With my family away for Christmas, it looks like I’ll be spending the holidays alone.

Until Asher Golding proposes to me.

We’ve been friends since the first year and we promised to stay that way.

Asher asks me to go to Maine with him to be his fake date to his brother’s wedding.

After that, he wants her to spend the holidays with his family to make his mother happy.

Who am I to say no?

I have no plans, Asher is one of my closest friends and we are just playing pretend.

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Nothing can go wrong with our fake relationship, right?

Even if we have to share a bed…

Asher and Sydney had a great friendship that began when they met as rookies. His girlfriend assigned her right away and Syd agreed, knowing where she would fit in. Asher has to go home to his brother’s wedding and wants to bring a date with him. His mother has been battling cancer and his only dream is to make sure that all of his children are happy and married in a relationship. Asher only had one dream and it was to play hockey.

The Wyncote Wolves were his life and have become the family he has surrounded himself with. It was not the time for a relationship. Sydney agrees to be his fake girlfriend if she goes home for the wedding to make her mother happy. They know they must set limits, Syd needs them to prevent her from falling for the only friend she ever wanted to be with. Boundaries are pushed and lines are crossed, and when the time comes, they have to decide if friends are the only place for them.

Well, I really enjoyed The Goalie Who Stole Christmas book. I love all Cali hockey books, but for some reason this one was special. I usually don’t like fake dating tropes, but it worked for this novel. Asher has always had the same goals, but he is also a great family man and loves them with everything he has. He wants to make his mother happy but he feels that if he were in a relationship he would sacrifice his game.

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Sydney may seem like she has it all, but let’s face it, the girl herself has things to do too. As she spends more time with Asher, she realizes that he is much more than a friend. She knows what is at stake and will abide by the guidelines that this only applies to at this time.


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