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The Good Earth book pdf download for free or read online, also The Good Earth pdf was written by Pearl S. Buck.

BookThe Good Earth
AuthorPearl S. Buck
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The Good Earth Book PDF download for free

The Good Earth Book PDF download for free

Travel to 1920s China in this haunting and timeless classic story of honest farmer Wang Lung and his family, a time when the last emperor still reigned and the far-reaching changes of the 20th century were but a roar. far from great political and social changes. disorders

Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner Pearl S. Buck charts the full cycle of life: its horrors, its passions, its ambitions, and its rewards. “A commentary on the meaning and also tragedy of life as it is lived at all times and also in all corners of world” (The New York Times), this brilliant novel, loved by millions, is the universal story of a family normal that lives trapped in the crisis is the tide of history.

The Good Earth Pdf Download

Pearl S. Buck prefaces The Good Earth with a lengthy epigraph by Proust; two authors who apparently couldn’t be more different. She talks about the power of a musical theme and how it can be recognized as true simply by the fact that a listener with a good ear would have immediately recognized the variation as incorrect if a lesser composer had varied it in some way.

And so begins La Buena Tierra. In concise and simple prose, it tells the story of a farmer, his wife, and his family in China at the turn of the 20th century. As the epigram says, the style of the prose meets the way of life of the characters. And it expresses the basic movement of the novel: we are from the earth, we are returning to the earth, and by straying from its paths we cause suffering to ourselves and to others.

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Then it reads almost like a parable from the Bible or an Aesop fable. Accessible even to teenagers, there is something beautiful about the resonance between the prose, the subject matter, and the main characters.

Praised once for providing insight into the people of China, I don’t know whether his depiction of harsh rural life will be approved or disapproved by contemporary Chinese authorities. But as a work of art, it deserves your recognition. A book worth reading at least once in a lifetime. Highest recommendation.

The setting is China, just before the revolution. Wang Lung is a poor farmer in a village and the book begins with his marriage to Plain O-lan. They have 4 children together, 3 boys and a girl. He is a very hard working farmer and little by little, thanks in part to O-lan’s skills, builds a fortune buying land from the House of Hwangs family, landowners in the next village whose wealth is drastically declining due to to his relentless spending.

We are steeped in Chinese culture, ripped from the seemingly endless poverty of the early days during the rise to wealth, only to be pushed back by a terrible drought and subsequent famine when all seems lost and the family leaves for the US. USA must move city, start over from the beginning.

We read viewers the rise and fall and the twists and turns of Wang Lung’s family. Many poignant episodes touched me throughout the book, particularly those involving the hard-working, quiet, and submissive O-lan, and later those involving her mentally retarded little girl.

The Good Earth story is captivating and intriguing, exquisitely written. Page after page, truly unforgettable. A must-read classic.

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