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The Guest List book pdf download for free or read online, also The Guest List pdf was written by Lucy Foley.

Lucy Foley is a British author of contemporary historical fiction and detective fiction. His novels The Paris Apartment and The Guest List are New York Times bestsellers.

Foley studied English literature at the University College London and the Durham University.

Foley have worked as an editor at the Headline Publishing Group and Hodder & Stoughton before writing full-time.

The Paris Apartment was released on February 22, year 2022. The book was named one of the most anticipated books of the year by the Goodreads and Good Housekeeping.

BookThe Guest List
AuthorLucy Foley
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The Guest List Book PDF download for free

The Guest List Book PDF download for free

A wedding celebration turns dark and deadly in this delightfully evil, atmospheric thriller reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s New York Times bestselling author The Hunting Party.

The bride – the companion – the best man – the wedding planner – the maid of honor – the body.

On an island off the coast of Ireland, guests gather to celebrate two people connecting their lives as one. The groom: handsome and charming and a rising TV star. The bride: smart and ambitious, magazine editor.

It’s a magazine wedding or a celebrity wedding: the designer dress, the secluded spot, the fancy party favors, the boutique whiskey. Cell phone service can be spotty and the waves can be rough, but every detail has been expertly planned and executed.

But perfection is just for plans, and people are too human. As the champagne is opened and the celebrations begin, resentments and petty jealousies begin to mix with memories and well wishes. Groomsmen start the drinking game from their school days. The bridesmaid will not accidentally ruin her dress. The bride’s oldest friend proposes an uncomfortably affectionate toast.

And then someone turns up dead. Who didn’t wish the happy couple well? And perhaps more importantly, why?

The Guest List Book Pdf Download

Lucy Foley has done it again! Based on her novel The Hunting Party, it offers a similar crime thriller. The key ingredients in both books are an isolated location, a treacherous climate, and a cast of characters with plenty of skeletons rattling around in proverbial closets.

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Foley hosts the wedding of two pseudo-celebrities for The Guest List. Jules is the editor of a fashion magazine and Will is the star of a reality series. Together, these two make the perfect couple: attractive, glamorous and rich. For their wedding, they invite the guests to a remote island off the coast of the Ireland. Think sheer cliffs, crashing waves, the ruins of a stone chapel, and a graveyard dotted with Celtic crosses. The setting is exquisite, beautifully rendered for a mood that is both over-the-top glamor and darkly sinister. I loved how a cave along the shoreline and cormorant sightings created an eerie atmosphere.

The story is told in multiple first-person POV perspectives (I had no problem figuring out whose head she was in), along with scattered know-it-all chapters. It’s a bit slow to get off the ground, but after a few chapters, WOW! Trust me, you’ll definitely want to keep him.

The cast of characters is an intriguing mix: the bride, her younger sister, the groom with his fraternity friends and the diametrically opposite groomsman, the vendor and her husband who are about to open their business, the escort and his husband… who happens to be the bride’s best friend.

When a body turns up, Foley clings to the victim’s identity to the bitter end. Meanwhile, tensions simmer, tempers flare and petty jealousy erupts. And go out again. Get more and more people involved in the web. Until the identity of the body is revealed, almost everyone has a motive.

All of this undermining and sniping plays out against the backdrop of a brewing storm and the extravagance of the wedding. I’m usually pretty good at finding the culprit, and while I had suspicions that eventually turned out to be correct, the whys and wherefores blew me away. The plot threads are cleverly woven together for a completely satisfying and impressive conclusion.

If you like a mix of psychological suspense and murder mystery, this is a fabulous five star read!

Before we can find out who did it, we must first find out who is dead.

I love these kinds of stories where there are multiple characters, multiple mysteries, and one big mystery. My mind goes into hyperdrive. I immediately started putting the puzzle pieces together. I knew the devil was in the details, so I tried to find out what he thought was important. Most of the characters, if not all, hide something from the reader.

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The chapters have alternate perspectives and each chapter is marked by time (for example, “The day before”, “The wedding night”, etc.). What I liked the most was that all the chapters seemed interesting to me. I thought I knew what some of the secrets would be, but that didn’t dampen my intrigue. Sometimes, with these chapter structures, the author can rely too much on the idea of ​​leaving each chapter on a cliff; Although each chapter left me with a few questions, the chapters were long enough and had enough content to keep me satisfied as I moved on to the next person’s point of view.

I saw some things coming. But I had a serious snapping moment at about 75%. Cue the literal jaw drop, a weird O-shaped mouth. At this point, I thought I knew who was dead, thought of another possible twist, and picked two suspects. He was right about the second turn, which requires a bit of disbelief to get up, but he was wrong about the whodunnit.

I had briefly thought about the killer beforehand (and how the encounter came about), but ended up committing myself entirely to someone else. Which makes me happy, because I usually know who did what and why long before the reveal. As a side note, Lucy Foley does an excellent job creating suspense; You can feel the pulse of history coming from the site.

The guest list is an intriguing mystery to the end, as little moments of clarity are interspersed as the night of the murder unfolds that leave you wanting more. And you don’t even know who was killed until the very end, as secrets are initially kept behind closed doors and revealed sparingly. The story will rewind between past and present, giving you just enough to keep you wanting more.

His cravings are never properly satisfied until the big reveal at the end. I loved all the twists and turns to get there. Because this is a very character-driven, atmospheric suspense story where we get to know people while still feeling like we don’t know what they’re capable of.

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Jules, a magazine founder and editor, and Will, a seedy survival show TV celebrity who is also boyfriend and girlfriend, look gorgeously radiant and accomplished on the outside, but are they who they seem? Everyone has skeletons in their closets, especially the seemingly most polished and pristine ones.

Even when ugly secrets threaten to rear their disastrous heads and rain down on the long-awaited glitter of the big wedding day, guests are invited to gather for Jules and Will’s nuptials amidst the haunting backdrop of the island where they meet. holds the event. cliffs that, for all the forbidden savagery, reckless rudeness and rule-breaking betrayal, become a character of their own, comparable to the Yorkshire moors in Wuthering Heights.

Although there were more perspectives than I normally would have liked, it actually worked for me here. My favorite characters are Olivia, the maid of honor, and Hannah, the wife of a friend of the groom, who faces her husband’s submission to the herd mentality that prevails among the bride and groom who, in the groom’s past, attended the same school and enjoy singing in an almost ritualistic way that if “they can’t move heaven, they evoke hell”.

However, Olivia has her own problems and secrets that she is simply hiding. And she shares intimate moments in a hidden cave where they become more evident on the island with the flame of a flickering candle, the only source of light in the company of Hannah, where she feels freer to speak and lose her guard. I thought these characters were some of the best drawn and developed. Their backstories are crucial to the stunning climax.

One thing I didn’t like was the writing itself, particularly the overuse of the phrase “boys are going to be boys” because I think that’s a horrible excuse to blurt out horrible behavior, though I think that’s the point of the context. (although it still bothered me a bit). Because children are not children, they are responsible for their actions.

However, this story was still entertaining and popcorn-worthy, with important statements about how the past and our actions will come back to haunt us, as well as this isolated island looming ominously, inches closer and closer.

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