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The Hero book pdf download for free or read online, also The Hero pdf was written by Robyn Carr.

BookThe Hero
AuthorRobyn Carr
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The Hero Book PDF download for free

The Hero Book PDF download for free

In a moment of desperation, Devon McAllister takes his daughter and flees from a place where they should have been safe. She has no idea what’s around the next corner, but she’s pretty sure it can’t get any worse than what they left behind. His plan is to escape to a place where he can be invisible. Instead, an unexpected offer of help brings her to Thunder Point, a small Oregon town ready to help someone in need.

As the widowed father of a vulnerable young man, Spencer Lawson knows the importance of friendship. But don’t look for anything else. Instead, he has focused his energy on his new role as Thunder Point High School’s football coach. Tough and demanding of his team, off the field he’s gentle and kind… just the kind of man who could mend Devon’s broken heart.

Devon thought he was hiding from the world. But in the Thunder Point, you find the bravery where you least expect it… and sometimes you find the hero.

The Hero Book Pdf Download

I am very happy and also very sad at the same time. Happy to finally have this fantastic addition to the series and very sad that I finished this book so quickly and then realized I had to wait a few more months for the next one to come out. out.

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Robyn Carr was one of my top 5 authors of all time because I know I can pick any of her books and I will never worry about being disappointed, and the same goes for the book.

I can’t even begin to express how intense this book was. Yes, there was lots of laughs, a sweet budding romance, trust issues to work out, acceptance of new people, and even acceptance of those who have fallen apart in the past. And it was great to see so much camaraderie between Connor, Spenser and Rawley. But the tension was out of this world. I lost so much sleep last night because this book made me so nervous I couldn’t even put it down long enough to go to the bathroom. And even after I was done, I was still so nervous that it took me hours to calm myself down enough to finally fall asleep.

I loved the Virgin River Series and was heartbroken when Robyn Carr decided to move on to another series. I thought no other series could compete with this one, but I’m happy to say I was so wrong! These characters grab my heart by leaps and bounds, as do all the beloved Virgin River characters.

I’ve fallen in love with every character on this show so far, but Rawley blew me away in this book. It was like a lightbulb went out and he came out of his shell in a way nobody expected, not even Connor who had gotten to know him quite well.

The way he took Devon and Mercy in when she had nowhere else to go. Her private conversations with little heart, the way she went out of her way to make things better for her and Mercy, the way she bonded with little Mercy… it just melted my heart. But the way he acted when things took a wrong turn showed me what a strong and determined man he really was. Oh, and the little house talk between the three Conner, Spenser, and Rawley was so hysterical.

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I love the way Robyn Carr always manages to bring together the people we all know and love from the past and mix them up with the new people involved in the new books. These are also the main reasons why I loved “Virgin River” so much. Oh…and I also love the fact that all of his characters are just ordinary people. They have the same problems that we all struggle with in our daily lives. The people seem so real, the quaint little towns they live in feel so real, and every situation they encounter along the way feels so real too.

I’m so curious as to what happens to all the women and children who ran away and whether or not Laney comes to town and joins the gang at Thunder Point. I also wonder if “Doc” will ever find his true love partner or not. I’m curious to see what happens when Eric buys the store in town. But most of all, I wonder if Connor will survive the birth of his baby with his mind intact.

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