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The Joker book pdf download for free or read online, also The Joker pdf was written by Nikki J Summers.

BookThe Joker
AuthorNikki J Summers
Size1.4 MB

The Joker Book PDF download for free

The Joker Book PDF download for free

Do you want to know a secret?

I am a little bit crazy.

Do you want to meet someone else?

All the best people are.

I’m the type to smile while I plan your fall.

He laughs while you cry in pain.

Tell a joke while I read your last rites.

And howl while I send you to the hell you deserve.

I am the good one wrapped in a twisted and corrupt bundle of sins. A savior destined for the depths of hell.

My life is perfect.

My friends are psychotic.

Everything the way I like it… uncomplicated chaos.

up to her.

She thought she could destroy me. ruin me in the worst way. Thing is, I love challenges and the only one that gets destroyed in this twisted little game is her… in the best way.

They call me the Joker because I always have the last laugh. And I’m about to show the world the best trick of all. No one messes with a king and lives to tell the tale.

The Joker is an Enemies to Lovers, New Adult, Standalone Romance directed by Nikki J Summers.

This story takes place in the world of Soldiers of Anarchy, and while reading The Psycho and The Reaper will help you understand some of the characters, it is not essential to enjoy this story.

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The Joker Book Pdf Download

First, make sure you read the warnings before deciding this book is for you! Colton’s childhood was tough! It took me a while to read the first few chapters because it was hard to keep track of. It definitely gives you some insight as to why Colton became a soldier and why his loyalty lies with his brothers.

Someone once told Colton to smile and smile wide so the world wouldn’t see the real you. And over the years he became the Joker. Years have passed and the soldiers have a job to do, the only problem is that when they get to the place they had to go, the job is already done! Who is trying to sabotage the soldiers? Could they have found a new team to work with? Or are they your enemies? Hold on tight because Colton’s book is a wild and crazy ride!

If you’ve read the first two books in the series, you know that Colton has no relationships or believes in love. Oh how sweet it is when you find YOUR PERFECT COMPANY! This girl gives as much as she gets. They go from enemies to lovers and their pranks are amazing! And their chemistry? Oh boy! This book is very hot!
I love how Colton was able to make peace with his past and finally give in to find the one! She is a perfect match for him and her story was absolutely epic!

Book 3 in the Soldiers of Anarchy series. Each book follows a different set of characters and can be read independently, but to get the most out of the story it is recommended that you read the books in order. It’s such a dark romance. CHECK THE RELEASES!

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This book begins with a 5-year-old Colton and periodically jumps back in time to get to the present. These jumps are super easy to follow while your heart aches for prankster Colton, who has already seen way more than a kid his age needs. Colton spends most of his youth trying to get out of his father’s image, correcting his father’s mistakes, and making a name for himself.

Colton and Shelley’s paths cross in an unconventional way when the soldiers’ goals appear garbled by means other than the soldiers’ personal justice. Who would be stupid enough to invade their territory… and why?

In my binge-watching continuation of this series, I couldn’t wait to get to Colton’s book. It’s been one of my favorites of the entire series so far and we finally have it in all its psychotic glory! I loved getting into Colton’s mind, having only seen the funny, witty side of his personality in the first two books.

We see how serious he can be, how loyal he is and how quickly a cheeky woman with a fiery temper can bring him to his knees. We already knew how charming Colton was, but when we show his sweet side he doesn’t let anyone see it, it will make you swoon! He’s very cheeky and his inside comment literally made me laugh out loud.

I figured it would take someone just as ruthless and almost as crazy to handle Colton and Shelley doesn’t disappoint! Shelley was a strong, resilient, undeniable character perfect for our Joker. The deep soul connection these two shared was difficult at first, but Colton wouldn’t be swayed once he made up his mind. Aside from initially hating Colton and her questionable attraction to Colton’s psychotic behavior but leaving her panties…she still has her own issues with serious relationships in general that leave her struggling with her feelings.

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This had an exciting plot that kept me hooked and guessing. I’m not sure who’s next, but with the little Easter Egg previews we’re getting from Will and Bryony…hopefully we’ll get to know more of what’s going on there! ?? Can’t wait to see what’s next for this series!

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