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The Keeper Of Promise book pdf download for free or read online, also The Keeper Of Promise pdf was written by T. S. Joyce.

TS Joyce is a 108-selling author dedicated to bringing steamy romance novels to her readers. Hungry alpha males are her calling card, and the wilder the men are, the more she will make them open her heart.

BookThe Keeper Of Promise
AuthorT. S. Joyce
Size1 MB

The Keeper Of Promise Book PDF download for free

The Keeper Of Promise Book PDF download for free

Bootlace is hunted.
Peace hasn’t come easy for the Stryker Pack, and for Bootlace, the sanctuary they’ve found feels too good to be true. His wolfish instincts are stirred when a pretty woman with a lot of secrets visits him and asks him questions he doesn’t need to ask. Danielle was sent by an enemy, but who?

He’s supposed to get her out of Stryker pack territory and leave her alone, but something about her draws his inner wolf towards her. That’s a bad idea. Chasing that she-wolf might drag him and his whole pack back into another war, but there’s a small hope living inside him that he might be redeemed… and so could she.

Danielle Truman is being pursued.
She has known peace in the Alaskan wilderness, but when hunted by monsters larger than her, she must take a desperate step to reclaim her homeland. The mission? She must find the Stryker pack’s weaknesses so her enemies can take them out completely.

The problem with this plan? Nothing is as it seems near Promise Falls, and Bootlace is very different from the rumors you’ve heard about it. At the end of the day, she has a job to do so she can finally go home. Too bad completing her mission will hurt Shoelace, because the more she gets to know him, the more she feels that if she hurts Shoelace, it will hurt her too.
There’s a traitor in the Stryker Pack, and she’s trailing an army of monsters.

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Don’t miss this exciting sixth book in the bestselling Wolves of Promise Falls series by T.S. Joyce. The Stark Mountains are growing…

Content Warning: Love scenes, swear words, and tons of shape-shifting secrets. This series consists of half war and half settlement lines. If you don’t like wolf fights this won’t be your topic, but if you like action-adventure love stories with a combative side of werewolf fights then this is for you.

The Keeper Of Promise Book Pdf Download

Sometimes a series becomes predictable. Sometimes it’s easy to see what’s coming, even if the writer doesn’t intend to use foreshadowing. That is not the case with the latest release of Book 6 of T.S. Joyce’s The Keeper of Promise. I knew that the book was about bootlace, but I didn’t know what to expect. I love the bonds of friendship and loyalty that weave through their stories. When the anguish, trauma and healing that the characters are going through.

The love part doesn’t feel like a shabby romance novel. To me, these feel like an adventure story with strong, likable characters who simply form a romantic bond with another person who becomes a big part of their team and healing. Although you can read this independently, please do yourself the favor of reading all of the books in the series. It’s a richer experience as the themes and characters from the previous books are still repeated in this one.

I Will Recommend The Keeper Of Promise Book.

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