Download The Key To My Heart [PDF] By Lia Louis

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The Key To My Heart book pdf download for free or read online, also The Key To My Heart pdf was written by Lia Louis.

BookThe Key To My Heart
AuthorLia Louis
Size527 KB

The Key To My Heart Book PDF download for free

The Key To My Heart Book PDF download for free

Brilliant and charming, Natalie Fincher has it all: a handsome new husband, the cottage of her dreams in need of renovation, and a chance to tour the musical she’s been writing for years. But when her husband suddenly dies, all her hopes and dreams are instantly dashed.

Two and a half years later, Natalie is still missing. He works, sleeps (well, as much as the town’s sexually frustrated foxes will allow), and sees his friends often enough to ease his worries, but his life is empty. And he only dares to play the public piano in a London train station, where he can remain anonymous. He’s lost motivation, faith in love, in happiness… in everything.

The Key To My Heart Pdf Download

But when someone mysteriously begins leaving the sheet music of her husband’s favorite songs on the station’s piano, Natalie feels hope and excitement for the first time. As she investigates who might do this, Natalie finds herself on an unexpected journey to a new love for herself, for life, and maybe someone special.

The Key To My Heart is my second book by this author and the second time I’ve wondered about the classification The Key To My Heart is flagged as a romance. And while there are many romantic elements in this story, it’s not (in my opinion) the central theme of the book. To me this is a story about love, loss, hope, despair and a woman going through all of these emotions trying to find her way out on the other side. So yes, there is romance, past and present. There is even a HEA. I just don’t think that’s the main theme of this story.

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I found Natalie’s journey quite moving and even confusing. Not that he was confused by the writing or the story, but he could sense Natalie’s confusion and frustration. Two steps forward and one step back in coming to terms with her husband’s death and how things unfolded in the days following his death. He lost some friends, pushed away some friends, and eventually found new friends in unlikely places. In particular, the café, which she began to frequent a few months after her widow.

Little by little he got to know the workers and the rest of the regulars and they became his “after” people. They hadn’t met her husband or she and her husband, so they entered into a relationship with her from scratch and without preconceptions. She always felt like she was being flaunted or had to act a certain way towards her other close friends, as if they expected her to break down and wanted her to move on when she wasn’t ready. His new friends were a place to be; be yourself, be sad, be angry.

While relationships with Natalie’s friends were everywhere, I loved the support she received from her sister and her sister’s family. They were so amazing to her and gave her room to cry and multiple shoulders to cry on. Having sisters, I loved seeing the connections I had with theirs.

As for the mysterious music that Natalie was beginning to get, I was totally occupied trying to figure out who left stuff for her. In my eyes, they were all suspects. Although I found this story to start off a bit slow, I was also in from the beginning, so I just kept turning the pages no matter how slow I got.

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There’s not much I can say about the (new) romantic element in Natalie’s life without spoiling it, so I won’t get into that part of the story. Just know that awakening Natalie’s heart to find love again is a multi-step process and she has to stumble a little to find her way. I appreciate that the author gave great care to this part of the story and did not deny the deep love Natalie had for her husband.

This story is pretty nice, but it had some annoying timeline inconsistencies for me. As usual, things like this can be something that others don’t even notice. I’m a continuity sucker and there was more than one issue so it took some of my joy out of it. But overall I enjoyed the book and will definitely recommend it.

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