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The Kiss Quotient book pdf download for free or read online, also The Kiss Quotient pdf was written by Helen Hoang.

Helen Hoang (born in year 1982) is an American romance novelist best known for her best-selling debut novel, name The Kiss Quotient.

Prior to publication, Hoang wrote fantasy and paranormal romances with a penchant for martial arts. She claims that she wrote on and off for about ten years before The Kiss Quotient was published. Hoang says that the writers who most influenced her own work are Jayne Ann Krentz, Christine Feehan, Nalini Singh, Elizabeth Lowell, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kresley Cole, Eloisa James, Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas.

Hoang grew up in Minnesota before moving to California. Her mother is a Vietnamese immigrant.

Growing up, Hoang struggled with social anxiety, which led her to turn to romance novels as an outlet that was guaranteed a happy ending. During a meeting with her daughter’s preschool teacher, Hoang discovered that her daughter is on the autism spectrum. She researched autism and realized that she is also autistic. This influenced the development of The Kiss Quotient and his subsequent books.

She received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and worked in finance after college before becoming a writer.

Hoang lives in San Diego with her husband and her two children.

Helen Hoang’s first novel, The Kiss Quotient, was published in June year 2018. The romance novel follows Stella, an autistic woman who hires a companion to explore intimacy with other people. Hoang claims that she originally wanted to write a gender-reversed pretty woman, but she got stuck investigating why a “beautiful and successful woman would hire an escort.” Later, her realization that she and her daughter are on the autism spectrum formed the basis of the book.

Berkley published a sequel titled The Bride Test in May 2019, about Esme, a hotel maid who is offered to escort Khai, Michael’s autistic cousin from the first book who has never had a girlfriend, to weddings. Hoang says that she wanted to subvert the harmful tropes surrounding autism by writing an autistic character through the protagonist Khai, who is perceived by others as cold and heartless, when in fact that is not the case.

The book was inspired by her mother’s immigration story, with Esme’s story drawn directly from conversations with her mother about what it was like to be poor in Vietnam and what it was like when she first came to USA. Hoang describes The Bride Test as the “Green Card meets Four Weddings and a Funeral—but with autism.” The Bride Test received positive reviews from all Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews.

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BookThe Kiss Quotient
AuthorHelen Hoang
Size1.1 MB
CategoryFiction Romance Novel

The Kiss Quotient Book PDF download for free

The Kiss Quotient Book PDF download for free

Stella Lane believes that mathematics is the only thing that unites the universe. She develops algorithms to predict customer purchases, a job that has earned her more money than she knows how to make and far less experience in the dating department than the average thirty-year-old.

It doesn’t help that Stella has Asperger’s and that her tongue kisses remind him of a shark getting its teeth brushed by a pilot fish. The conclusion from her: it takes a lot of practice, with a professional. That’s why she hires bodyguard Michael Phan. The Vietnamese-Swedish stunner can’t afford to turn down Stella’s offer and agrees to help her tick all the boxes of her schedule, from foreplay to more than missionary position…

Before long, she Stella learns not only to appreciate kissing her, but she also longs for all the other things he makes her feel. Her factual association begins to make strange sense. And the pattern that emerges will convince Stella that the love is best kind of logic.

The Kiss Quotient Book Pdf Download

“All the things that make you different make you perfect.”

This book was like a breath of fresh air for the romance community. It was so uniquely beautiful. Going on this journey with Stella, a heroine with Asperger’s Syndrome who takes risks to find love, was very insightful, heartbreaking and moving at the same time. Our hero Michael, a male partner that Stella hires to teach him how to maneuver in the dating world, has his own insecurities that prevent him from accepting love.

Stella is an econometrician and loves her work to the point of obsession. She is very intelligent and would rather focus on work than on a romantic relationship. She has had sex with men but they never felt special to her and she really has no interest in sex or even French kissing. She thinks she’s probably the problem because she’s just not good at it.

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This is where Michael comes in and Stella feels comfortable with him immediately after her first date, knowing that he is the one who wants her to teach her how to “be in a relationship”. Michaels is sweet, patient, and kind. He at first has no idea that Stella has autism, but he seems to understand her and understands what he needs.

What starts out as a business relationship turns into real feelings for both of them. Stella has an obsessive personality to begin with and she doesn’t know how to like anything one bit. She can’t help but love Michael’s body, scent and selfless personality as she discovers the sacrifices she has made for her family.

“Michael was mint chocolate chip to her. He could try other flavors, but it would always be her favourite.

These are not the typical characters found in a love story. A heroine with Asperger’s and a hero who is a male companion. Still, they are one of my absolute favorite pairings! From these pages, magic spilled into this beautiful love story! And I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it was a lot sexier than I thought it would be. Great stamp of approval on this one and I highly recommend it.

For those of you who have heard the hype surrounding this book, IT IS ALL TRUE. This is a diverse, Asian-American, romance of #ownvoices for autism, the reverse of a pretty woman. It’s all that and much more.

Author Helen Hoang takes you into the world of Stella Lane, an econometrician (think stats for marketing) dedicated to her job, wealthy and fiercely independent, but not particularly good at socializing or giving social cues recognition. As a result, all attempts at a love life were half dates and sexual encounters that left her extremely cold. After a co-worker makes a nasty comment about how she might need practice being intimate, Stella decides to take matters into her own hands and hire an escort of hers to help deal with this whole intimacy issue. the dates.

The escort turns out to be Michael Phan, a half-Swedish, half-Vietnamese who badly needs money but is also very good at sex. His first date ends with Stella and Michael intrigued and an offer on the table. Michael will give Stella dating lessons for an extraordinary amount of money.

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It sound like ridiculous premise, but Hoang really makes it sing. Stella and Michael jump off the page with their quirks and interests. His appeal is absolutely sizzling. I don’t want to tell you too much about each one of them because every detail of Stella and Michael beautifully unfolds through the other. It is best to come to this book with very little knowledge and discover the story piece by piece, as well as the characters. Honestly, I haven’t read such a captivating and unique love story in a long time – it’s weeks after I finished and I’m still thinking about the scenes.

In addition to the main cast, The Kiss Quotient is full of supporting characters that delight and surprise. Michael’s family, especially his mother, is very close to him, which allows us to see them through Michael’s and Stella’s eyes. While I’m not Vietnamese, the way Michael’s family jokes around feels like the way my Chinese family interacts, and it rings true.

And for those of you who love steamy sexy scenes, oh my goodness, this one is hot! I haven’t blushed (let’s call it conditioning) over a romance in a long time, but this one has made my cheeks hot on a number of occasions. I love that the romantic scenes are also respectful and not gross in any way. You know what I want to say. Michael is a great lover, and Stella (and I, and several other readers) are in love with him in a way that makes you want to be in his shoes. And immediately after reading it makes you want to continue reading.

I wish I could say more about the perfect details in this book that make it soar, but I honestly think finding out would take away the little joys. The Kiss Quotient unfolds its story with delicacy and skill, inviting readers to savor every encounter and every detail. You will fall in love with Michael and Stella as they fall in love with each other. This may be a debut novel, but its confidence in its story and writing makes it feel like a romance that took years to work on.

Put kissing quotient at the top of your TBR – you don’t want to miss talking about it with other readers right now.

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