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The Last Line book pdf download for free or read online, also The Last Line pdf was written by Robert Dugoni.

BookThe Last Line
AuthorRobert Dugoni
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The Last Line Book PDF download for free

The Last Line Book PDF download for free

Del Castigliano left Wisconsin for his old life in the rearview mirror to work for the Seattle Police Department in Homicide. Introduced by veteran detective Moss Gunderson, he delivers a big catch to Del: the bodies of two unidentified men who were fishing in Lake Union.

It’s a great opportunity for the new detective, and Del jumps at it, chasing every lead, every dead end. Despite the help of another Section freshman, Vic Fazzio, Del isn’t making quick progress. Until a shotgun theory seems to come true: the victims are victims of drug smuggling. But important information is missing or deliberately hidden. He forces Del into a crisis of character and duty that even the people he trusts cannot help him resolve.

The Last Line Book Pdf Download

THE LAST LINE (Tracy Crosswhite Book #8.5) by Robert Dugoni is a short story that takes us back to when Delmo Castigliano first became a homicide detective for the Seattle Police Department. This is a prequel featuring Del’s first lead in a murder case and the beginning of his friendship with another rookie detective, Vic Fazzio.

Del works with veteran detective Moss Gunderson and they are called in to investigate two bodies removed from Lake Union. Moss gives Del the lead, but every lead is a dead end until Del returns to question the harbor master, whom Moss interviewed alone. Lacking information, Del turns to Vic for advice and help. Not everyone is rooting for Del, and he’s learning a valuable lesson.

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I was instantly hooked. This short story follows familiar characters from the Tracy Crosswhite series in a fascinating case of their past that makes for a quick read. This case from the 1990s cements Del and Faz’s friendship and I look forward to seeing how it affects Del today.

This brief history takes us 25 years back when Tracy Crosswhite’s teammate Del Castigliano worked his first murder case for the Seattle police. He was a new detective, new to the state, and he wanted to make a good impression. His future best friend and partner, Vic Fazzio, is also new to the department and is already pursuing Del to come over for dinner with him and his wife, Vera.

Del is shocked when his near-retirement veteran hands him the murder case. It lasts two weeks until Del makes a breakthrough that makes him realize that he has to tread carefully, that sometimes the enemy is us. Del and Vic have their own story to tell, although we didn’t get to see much of Vic in this story. It is obvious that the two men turned their backs on each other so many years ago.

This short film was refreshing for me.
I read a lot, even several books by this author.
I agree with the ending of some books, disagree with some. But the one thing I understand is that no matter what you think, the one constant with any reading is that the author can control the narrative, whether he agrees with it or not.

I didn’t see the end of this flaw coming, and in fact, I would have liked to see it further fleshed out. But like I said, I can’t influence the outcome. Only the author does that.
I can understand that some critics might find the ending of this story unsettling. I do not have.

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I didn’t because this reading, though brief, was a “shoot” in the context of the author having the power to say to the reader, “You may not agree with the way I ended this reading, but you have to be I agree that I did.” They have the power to control how the story would end.”
To that I say kudos to Mr. Dugoni for giving us his perspective, convincingly in “O Henry” style of writing.

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