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The Last Man book pdf download for free or read online, also The Last Man pdf was written by Vince Flynn.

Vince Flynn was a New York Times bestselling author of eleven thrillers, including recent EXTREME MEASURES and ACT OF TREASON. He resided in the Minneapolis with his wife and three children. He died on June 19, year 2013 after a three-year battle with the prostate cancer.

BookThe Last Man
AuthorVince Flynn
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The Last Man Book PDF download for free

The Last Man Book PDF download for free

Joe Rickman has spent the last eight years directing the CIA’s covert operations in Afghanistan and working with all the notorious figures in the Islamic Republic. When he suddenly disappears, the first suspicion is a kidnapping, but Mitch Rapp knows certain things about his old friend that make him think.

When Rapp is instructed to find Rickman at all costs, he knows his mission will be extraordinarily dangerous. With the Taliban, Iran, Pakistan and Russia vying for a piece of the war-torn state and the FBI dispatching its own special agent to investigate, Rapp faces his most difficult task yet.

With startling twists and turns, The Last Man proves once again that Vince Flynn is “a master, maybe the master, page-turning thriller” (Book Reporter).

The Last Man Book Pdf Download

I have enjoyed all of the Vince Flynn novels and am a fan of Mitch Rapp. Well I really enjoyed The Last Man, but I’m a bit conflicted because I felt the story dragged on a bit and had too much irrelevant information instead of the fast-paced action I’ve come to expect from Mitch Rapp .

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Mitch has always worked hard and worked alone with just a few people to fill the void. But here we have a “team effort” to find out what happened to Joe Rickman, a Clandestine Service Operator who was kidnapped. I found the additional characters involved made the story flow a bit slower.

Now don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and am not disappointed that I bought it. I am pleased that Vince Flynn is back writing and that his health is improving. This book satisfied my need for another Mitch Rapp story. Now I’m looking forward to the next part and I’m sure it will go a little faster.

Mitch Rapp is called in to help find Joe Rickman, who has been kidnapped from his hideout in Pakistan. That should not have happened. His four bodyguards are dead, all shot in the head. Rickman is gone and most likely being tortured for his information on the entire spy ring the CIA has built over the past 10-15 years.

Add to this problem that someone or an agency is trying to paint Mitch as a traitor who has been hiding millions of agency funds in his own personal account and you have a real problem. Mitch tries to do his job, but a senator and a clumsy FBI agent set out to capture Mitch.

Add to that the fact that someone has contracted Mitch’s life and the shooter has come very close to closing the deal and has a real page turner that will interest you.

Mitch will almost die, come back and do whatever it takes to succeed and deal with the fact that his best friend/mentor Stan Hurley only has six months to live. Stan will be teaming up with Mitch and the two of them together aren’t a team you want to put in your way.

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While I said the book wasn’t as action-packed as I remember other Mitch Rapp books being, it’s still one that I enjoyed and lost my sleep over. I trust you will enjoy it too.

The plot and subplots flow smoothly without the constant forward/backward/sideways chapters that seem to be typical of many of the newer authors. You also won’t find the often ridiculous 6 metaphors per page that many of the newer writers seem to think is a requirement for a modern thriller.

Vince Flynn is an absolute master of his craft and sets standards that every writer should aspire to.
I won’t waste time commenting on the story itself. If you’ve been following the Mitch Rapp series, you know exactly what to expect. If you are thinking of reading about Mitch for the first time, then do not buy this book. Go to number one in the row and when you’ve read it, feel the sheer joy of knowing that there are twelve more to look forward to.

I just hope that when they start filming the series, which they certainly must, they don’t cast a tiny actor for the role like they inexplicably did with Jack Reacher. Think Gerard Butler and you can’t go wrong.
Vince, you are a genius of the genre. keep coming back

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